• Why Diversity Is Bad For Startups

    Why Diversity Is Bad For Startups

    Editor’s note: The following is a guest post by Penelope Trunk, writer and founder of Brazen Careerist. In a meeting last week one of our investors, fed up with a recent pivot, said, “Guys, this is not a science project.” Everyone in the meeting who actually works at the company said, “Yes, it is.” Read More

  • Women Don't Want To Run Startups Because They'd Rather Have Children

    Women Don't Want To Run Startups Because They'd Rather Have Children

    My company, Brazen Careerist, is moving from Madison, WI, to Washington, DC, where our new CEO lives. Running the company has been absolute hell. Not that I didn’t know it would be hell. It’s my third startup. Each has had its own hell before we were solidly funded, but this one was so bad that my electricity was turned off, and I really thought I was going to die from stress. So… Read More

  • Deskarma lets professionals share their business expertise and earn, err, karma

    Deskarma, which describes itself as a “business expertise sharing platform”, launches in beta today. It’s designed to enable professionals to share their “business insights”, with the motivation to do so partly driven by the user’s ability to build an online reputation as an expert via the site’s karma-based points system. Basically, users can write… Read More

  • Brazen Careerist: A Professional Network That Realizes You're More Than Just A Resume

    The job market is absolutely brutal right now in many areas of the country — a fact that’s doubly true for recent graduates whose resumes are still a little light on actual job experience. This isn’t helped by the fact that many career sites like LinkedIn place a heavy emphasis on past jobs and workplace connections. Tonight, Brazen Careerist is launching a new… Read More