• Someone finally designs soft foam saloon furniture for in-home bar brawls

    It’s about time. How many old-timey chairs have you broken over a friend’s back, hurting them badly enough that your playtime bar brawl has to end after the first direct hit? It’s obnoxious. You spend an hour setting everything up and it all ends within the first minute with people crying and friendships disintegrating like so many pieces of splintered wood. Read More

  • Two Boston-area magicians involved in bar brawl, each sustains massive loss of hit points

    Straight out of my neck of the woods here in the Boston area, the Cambridge Chronicle is reporting that two magicians “conjured up a bar brawl” this past weekend. Apparently one magician went into a bar (this sounds like a setup to a bad joke) and said to another magician, “Hey I know you from the magician store.” After that, all hell broke loose for some reason as the… Read More