Sony announces 240Hz BRAVIA KDL-52XBR7 LCD TV, skinny BRAVIA KLV-40ZX1M

Today at CEDIA, Sony announced that the US will soon get their hands on some slender 9.9-mm thin LCD HDTVs. The KDL-52XBR7 has a whopping 240Hz frame rate displayed on a 1080p 52-inch LCD screen with

Sony intros a super-cute, Japan-only and waterproof Bravia TV

Sony Japan today added the XDV-W600 [JP], a mini TV (145×42×98mm, 302g) to their Bravia brand. The new device is waterproof and supports the Japanese digital TV standard One-Seg. The 4-inch LCD TV (

Sony Announces EX-1, ZX-1 and XEL-1 TVs at IFA 2008

Sony wants to be the number one TV company by the year 2010.  To that end, they’ve announced three sexy new products today at IFA. The Bravia EX-1 PictureFrame television is a wall-mountable LC

Sony presents world's slimmest LCD HDTV

Sony presented a number of new Bravia full HD LCD TVs [JP] today in Japan but the KDL-40ZX1 stands out as the world’s slimmest LCD HDTV (thickness: 9.9mm). The TV, which is only available in a 4

Sony's new LCD TV features the world's highest level of energy efficiency

Today Sony Japan presented their new 32-inch Bravia LCD TV [JP], claiming it’s the world’s most energy-efficient LCD screen of that size. The KDL-32JE1 consumes just 89W of electricity per

Sony launches new line for high-end HDTVs loaded with features

As a guy who’s really, really into HD, I’m kind of excited about Sony’s new XBR series of Bravia HDTVs. Like the latest MacBook Pros from Apple and other laptops from makers like HP,

Upcoming Sony LCD HDTVs specs' leaked: LED backlighting in the works

Springtime doesn’t just bring flowers, short shorts and silly Red Sox pranks. No ma’am, it also brings new information on HDTVs that will be released throughout the year. Someone at BGR go

Sony's BRAVIA Internet Video Link module Here’s some interface footage of Sony’s $299 DMX-NV1 BRAVIA Internet Video Link module. It’s basically a box that pops into the back of newer Sony TV&#8217

Bravia J-series LCD TVs coming to Japan in March

Sony’s got some new Bravia LCD TVs hitting Japan in March. They’re not necessarily affordable, as a 20-incher will set you back over $1,000 according to SlashGear. There will also be a 26-

Sony shrinks Bravia technology down to three inches

  If you live in Japan and you like mobile digital television, you’re probably going to think at least once (maybe twice) about Sony’s new little XDV-D500 handheld TV. It’s got

Sony Bravias up the yin yang

KDL-37XBR6 Sony dropped 17 Bravias today and I’m far too tired to point out all the specifics. I’m sorry but it’s been a long day so far and we’re not even half done. Check out

Sony Bravia commercial: attack of the bunnies

How do I miss these things when they happen in the city?

Sony Updates Bravia Line, Completely Ignores Bratwurst Line

Sony, in a surprisingly bold move, released some LCD televisions last night to an ravenous audience. The two models, the brushed metal W3000 and the glass-framed XBR4 and XBR5, have full 1920 x 1080 r

Sony's Complete Spring/Summer TV Line

Sony showed off a bunch of new TVs today. The big feature is the across-the-board inclusion of Bravia Internet Video Link–which lets you tune into all those Web-bound videos of people getting hi

Sony's Three New Bravias

Are you lame? Do you always like to be one step behind the pack? An underachiever? Then we’ve got some TVs designed with you in mind. Sony has announced some thin, rear projection HDTVs that are

Sony's 70-inch Bravia Powerhouse

With the Super Bowl coming up, a lot of you are probably running out to Best Buy to pick up an HDTV for the game (which you’ll promptly return on Monday). Too bad you’re not going to be ab

Sony Ericsson SO903iTV Bravia Cell Phone

I’m not really a fan of bright red devices, but from a technological standpoint, the Sony Ericsson SO903iTV Bravia phone is certainly pretty hot. In addition to its red face, it features landsca

Sony Bravia Ad: Paint-tastic

This is Jonathan Glazer’s Sony Bravia ad, a paint spectacular using massive quantities of paint and 250 to mix and film. The paint was completely water soluble and apparently edible and I have a