• Sony Japan integrates postcard function into Bravia TVs

    Here is some news from Sony, which comes directly from the who-on-earth-needs-this department. The company has launched a new service for the Japanese market that enables owners of Bravia TVs to send and receive e-postcards. Obviously, “Bravia Postcard” [JP] only works if you have an Internet-enabled Bravia at home. Read More

  • Sony Bravia W-Series includes networking features

    Sony just pushed out a new series of TVs, the W, with 1080p resolution and Yahoo! widgets, Amazon Video On Demand, and other networked TV features. They’ll come in 52-, 46-, and 40-inch models and include 4 HDMI ports. Read More

  • Video: Oh look, it's AC Milan's Kaka in a Sony Bravia commercial (that's only airing in Australia)

    I bet the boys and girls over at Sony breathed a huge sigh a relief when that “Kaka-to-Manchester-City” rumor finally died last month. After all, he’s the star of its latest commercial, seen here, promoting the company’s Motionflow technology. Fast-paced sports benefit from all those hertz (and a nice helping of signal processing). Read More

  • CrunchDeal: 52" Bravia LCD HDTV, $1450 shipped

    Looking for a sweet new LCD HDTV for the den? You’re not going to find a much better deal right now than this 52″ Sony. Its Bravia line is, of course, known for its quality, and $1450 is hundreds off of the “real” price. It’s got four HDMI inputs, it’s 1080p of course, and it supports 24p (thank god). Read More

  • Sony's 240Hz HDTV – is it worth the extra grand?

    [image credit: CNET] The short answer is: almost certainly not. The benefits of a 120Hz refresh rate are pretty clear, but as I noted when Sony had people playing Gran Turismo at 240FPS, there is a point at which the human eye can no longer distinguish any difference. You’re getting seriously diminishing returns after 100-150Hz, but adding considerably to cost. Not only that, but… Read More

  • Video: AC Milan's Kaká chosen to demonstrate Sony Bravia's 240Hz Motionflow AC Milan Brazilian midfielder Kaká scored the winning the goal against Catania only a few minutes ago. This, believe it or not, is relevant to us here… Read More

  • Sony adds Slacker to BRAVIA Internet Video Link

    Sony’s $300 Internet Video Link add-on box for BRAVIA-series TVs has recently added the Slacker streaming music service to the list of available channels. Also added was content from, a site that contains a series of user-generated how-to videos. Slacker ought to lend some good music features to Sony’s service and Howcast has won some awards from TIME and PC Magazine… Read More

  • CEATEC 2008: Sony's spectacular 0.3mm curved OLED TV and 40” full HD 9.9mm Bravia (2 videos)
    Above is a short video I made of Sony’s most spectacular product at the CEATEC, its 0.3mm curved OLED TV.
    The second video shows a 40-inch Bravia full HD TV that is just 9.9mm at its thinnest part (they made it flip so it looks good on video). That’s it from Sony at CEATEC this year. But the OLED screen is really cool. Read More

  • Sony outs the Wireless, DVD and Input BRAVIA Link modules

    Sony is aiming to bring back simplicity to its Bravia flat-panel TVs with Link Modules. These devices hook to the back of Bravia LCDs and add different functionally to the set, but allows the owner to use the same remote and menu system. These add-ons will be priced will with the 1080i Wireless Link (DMX-WL1) going for $800, the DVD Module (DMX-DVD) for $200, and Input module (DMX-SW1) that… Read More

  • Released Sony Bravia SDK means widgets are coming

    Who hasn’t sat in front of their HDTV thinking about wonderful little apps that could float on top of live TV all widget-like: weather, RSS feeds, webcams, sports scores, anything. Now Sony has released the SDK for its Japanese Bravia TVs with the hope that developers will create such apps. Samsung high-end LCDs have had a similar functionality but Sony is taking it to another… Read More

  • Amazon expands movie viewing options

    Starting today, customers using Amazon’s Video On Demand will be able to watch ad-free content on their Mac’s, PC’s and select TV’s. Previously, users had to use the Unbox application or use TiVo. Users can still use the Unbox app to download content, but options are opened with the ability to view directly in the browser. If you have a compatible Sony BRAVIA… Read More