• Brave New Talent App

    Davos: BraveNewTalent Allows Job Seekers To Follow Their Future Employers

    BraveNewTalent is a social recruitment platform operating in the UK and moving into the US. I caught up with CEO and founder Lucia Tarnowski at Davos. The startup is built around the idea that people want to follow companies they might want to work for in the future, and companies in turn want to educate potential hires about how they work. They recently introduced a few new features… Read More

  • WYGU wants to be a Facebook-for-careers-advice

    WYGU (When You Grow Up) has launched as a “Facebook for careers advice” – that’s their words not mine – and offers a mix of “social careers guidance”, development and e-mentoring. It’s founded by Alun Baker and is backed by £350,000 of Angel funding, which Baker says he’s matched. The UK site’s noble aim is to help people avoid… Read More