• Brando hanging Bluetooth headset and stylus: Like a marriage of fish, bicycle

    For those who find it difficult to separate their “writing on a screen time” from their “talking to humans” time, Brando has a $30 Bluetooth stylus that doubles as a phone headset. That’s right: you can tap away on whatever you use that still uses a touch screen while talking. Clearly whether to pull your stylus out of your device or buy a smaller headset is… Read More

  • USB hub uses two ports but no external power

    This is sort of different, I guess. It’s a $12 USB hub from Brando that doesn’t exactly look like your run-of-the-mill USB hub and, more importantly, doesn’t require any external power. However, you’ll need to give up two of your existing USB ports in order to get three new ones plus a mini-USB connection. So this device will appeal to some people but not others. Read More

  • USB 2.0 Baby danglers

    Yeah, I don’t know what these are either. But they cost $22 for the 2GB version and $37 for the 4GB. I think I found something like this in my stool once, though, now that I think back. Read More

  • Brando's latest USB mouse isn't really a mouse but it sure does look like one, by golly!

    This is the Brando USB mouse hub! But it’s not a mouse, not a computer mouse, it’s shaped like a mouse that’s an animal and eats cheese! Each of its disease-infested feet is a USB port making it a 4-port hub, and it’s tail plugs into your computer! If I was a 12-year old girl, this would be the most exciting thing ever! But I’m not! But maybe you are! And if… Read More

  • Brando releases Star Hub II for USB power-users

    [photopress:UHUBS003400_06_M.jpg,full,left]Brando makes all things USB and we love them for it. In fact, the “B” in USB should be changed from representing the word “bus” to “brando”. I’m serious. I mean, just look at this Star Hub II. It’s a four-port, twisting, turning USB hub that has colors. You know you need color returned to your life. Read More

  • Canned Shape Card Reader

    If you’re anything like me, you woke up this morning, grabbed your first beer of the day out of your bedside mini-fridge, and got ready to face the demons. But what if that can didn’t contain beer but memory card slots! How funny — and infuriating — would that be? Who would you kill? No one, right? Because no one will talk to you. Their loss. Well, now you can… Read More

  • Brando burps up two speaker solutions

    Do you need a speaker that looks like a mouse? How about a speaker that looks like a pair of lips? The mouse speaker, at $14, connects to your iPod and lets you “share” your music with throngs of people who probably want to kill you. The lips, ummm, also cost $14 and do the same thing. Purchase a your own risk. Mouse
    Technology addiction… there is help. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: New, from Brando, it's…

    An ASUS EEE PC car charger for $18. Might be useful, right? Product Page Read More

  • Telescoping lens for iPhone camera, why the hell not?

    Yes. Yes. I say yes to weird-ass accessories. This one’s only $19, too. It’s a telescoping lens for your iPhone camera that can “Overcome the short coming of camera cellphone that can only near-sighted, it also makes distant view for you at the moment.” What does that mean? Who knows, but it sounds delightful. The lens seems to work in tandem with a… Read More

  • Black Hole Phone Bag saves needless stress on power buttons

    If you’re in a theater or someplace else where an unexpected call would mean embarrassment, you can turn your phone off. Sure, you could, but you’re a geek. You need a better way to go off the grid. Brando’s got your back with the “Black Hole Phone Bag”, a phone bag that blocks incoming and outgoing radio transmissions, effectively taking your phone off the network. Read More

  • Converge much? Coffee warmer, USB hub, clock

    I’m sitting here staring at my Belkin USB hub that serves as a poor man’s docking station because I’m too cheap to spring for a $180 piece of plastic from Sony that would allow me to whisk my laptop from room to room and I can’t help but feel agitated by the fact that I don’t know what the hell time it is and my coffee isn’t getting any warmer. If only… Read More

  • Brando Chromatic USB Hub

    Don’t you just love multi-colored USB hubs? You do? Really? That’s fantastic because Brando has a chromatic USB hub that not only lets you connect four USB devices, but it also brightens up that dreary desk of yours. It consumes very little power and lets you hot swap on any Windows OS machine. I’m completely mesmerized by the gif and how it moves. I really want one. Read More

  • USB Chessboard: Simple = Cool

    I have two seperate chess programs on my Treo (paid for, thanks), but no matter how wicked my knight-moving skillz get in the virtual world, I always get my ass handed to me in a real chess match. I think it’s something to do with the way we percept the physical board relative to the digital. Or maybe I’m making stuff up. This nifty USB chess board might be the answer for me. Read More

  • Brando Adds Bluetooth, Hub to USB Card Reader

    We talk about cellphones and smartphones and iPods and Zunes all the time, and sadly some gadgets that are really quite clever get shorted. That is why I’m bringing your blog-reading attention to the 55-in-1 Bluetooth-enabled Card Reader. It’s similar to most other USB card readers, except that it includes a USB 2.0 hub and grants your PC or Mac Bluetooth capabilities. Read More

  • Inexpensive Nintendo DS FM Radio Add-On

    Though the popularity of FM radio is starting to dwindle, some of still enjoy some classic rock, sports radio, or NPR. Brando knows this and have created quite a nice looking add-on for the Nintendo DS that allows you to listen to FM radio. It leeches off your DS’ battery and has a bright, monochrome screen. And the best part? It’s only $14! Pick one up and actually start getting… Read More

  • Wii Dock is the New iPod Dock

    While we’re not expecting to see as many iterations of the Wii dock as we do the iPod dock, there’s no denying their similarities. Smart, clean lines and matching white to charge up battery-powered, iconoclastic, industry changing devices. We’ll take two, please. Notice there’s nothing like this for the SIXAXIS yet? If that’s not telling, we’re not sure… Read More

  • Brando Adds Electric Shaver To Its List Of USB Products

    This is all very simple and very strange. With a spare USB port on your computer you can power/recharge damn near anything, granted you have the appropriate cable. Electronics-vendor Brando seems to be hunting down every single USB-powered device it can find, including this electric razor. Pretty straightforward: Plug the razor into a USB port, charge it up and shave stuff. I’d go… Read More

  • Brando MP4 Watch

    This big and clunky watch from Brando is actually capable of playing MP3s and WMV or MP4 video. It has 1GB of on-board memory and a 128 x 128 pixel screen capable of displaying 65k colors. There is also a built in mic for voice recording. I can’t wear watches because they make me feel claustrophobic (the world is closing in!—on my wrist), but if you’re in the market for a… Read More

  • Brando Twister Hub: A USB Hub, Except It Twists

    We know, we know, it’s just a freaking USB hub. But if you’re the type to care about design, then this four-port hub probably deserves a spot on your desk. Each USB 2.0 port can swivel 180 degrees, letting you basically choose your angle of insertion, which is definitely worth the $26 for the device. Brando USB Twister Hub [Product Page via Ubergizmo] Read More

  • The iSing Speaker-Dock for iPod: Tubular

    , which we all agree are sexxxy. It looks slick, and comes in your choice of silver, green or purple. The accents are in “iPod white,” it works with pretty much any iPod with a dock connector, has volume control, and that’s about it. But when you’re buying speaker-docks like this, it’s really about the style anyway, right? iSing – Speaker dock for your… Read More

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