Rechargeable wireless keyboard knockoff takes cues from Logitech’s diNovo Edge

<img src="" alt="" />If the $180 price tag of Logitech’s diNovo Edge wireless keyboard is a bit too high to stomach, Brando will sell yo

Lenovo Mini Wireless Keyboard now available from Brando for $64

<img src="" alt="" />This may very well be the first time I’ve ever seen <a href="http://www.crunchgear.

Bluetooth! MP3! More! All on your steering wheel!

<img src="">The perfect complement to your steering wheel desk, Brando's "Steering Wheel Bluetooth MP3/

Lens-mounted semicircle LED ring for lighting your macro subjects

<img src="" />It was just a day or two ago that I was recommending Brando's <a href="

Every tween needs this camera bag with built-in tripod mount

This is pretty easy. It’s a case that has a camera mounting screw hidden on one side. Wanna guess what that’s for? Self portraits! $12 from Brando.

This is a tiny MP3 player and microSDHC card reader from Brando

<img src="">Yay! for <a href="">Brando </a>and yay! for convergence!

Unassuming cap sports hidden camcorder

<img src="">Pardon me, miss? I’d just like to tell you that I think your hat is fly. Dope, even. Too bad you’ll never reme

Never buy an enclosure again: SATA to USB 3.0 adapter turns any HDD into an external

<img src="" />Now here is something I may just order right now. This straightforward adapter from Unitek will turn any hard drive with s

Brando wrist battery turns you into Wonder Woman

<img src="" />Like all Brando junk, this thing makes no sense yet makes perfect sense. It's a battery that you wear like a w

Relive your misspent youth with these Transformers USB drives

<img src="" />Brando, home of the odd USB device, finally has a product I want to order. No no, it's not a <a href="http://www.c

Disney Princess Web Cam

First, I doubt this is an officially licensed Disney product. Something tells me Brando doesn’t have that kind of pull. Second, this thing is $52. I’m pretty sure you can buy a cheap webca

$150 Spy pen is probably good enough for "Mission: Impossible"

<img src="" />Boy, I remember the days of play spy gear in the past. Crappy motion detectors, fingerprint kits that we

Heated slipper looks downright dangerous

<img src="">There are a few areas of concern to point out about this $24 “USB Paw Heating Slipper” from Brando. F

Sound and vision: The spy monocular and long range sound detector

<img src="">I knew when I got to the Neighborhood watch meeting last week, that guy from down on the corner was talking about m

Trust issues? This tiny clock has a built-in video camera

<img src="" alt="DVRClock_01_640x" />And now to finally get to the bottom of WHO DRANK MY LAST TAB?! This unassuming little clo

Affordable 7-inch touchscreen PMP is just aching for a web browser

<img src="">Oh Brando, you tickle the collective fancy of internet users everywhere with your $177 touchscreen portabl

Flashlight Speed Holster: Sure, why the hell not?

<img src="">This here is called the “Flashlight Speed Holster with Battery Compartment,” brought to you by the good peo

Speaker with 4.5-inch LCD looks cool, but features are sketchy

<img src="" alt="Brando" />Behold! A small step forward in multimedia speakers! This one has a built-in

Brando Hand Grenade USB flash drive


WiFi detecting cap detects WiFi, deflects funny, attractive people

<img src="" />In the Old West a man was defined by his hat. Stetson, Ten-Gallon, and Bowler were only three of the myriad hats
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