• 12Society: A Lifestyle Site Curated & Co-founded By Stars Like Nick Cannon, Nas And Tim Lincecum

    12Society: A Lifestyle Site Curated & Co-founded By Stars Like Nick Cannon, Nas And Tim Lincecum

    Since announcing its private beta in March, 12society has been in stealth mode, quietly building a star studded roster of co-founders and curators, one that now includes LA Clipper and Rookie Of The Year Blake Griffin, actor/comedian Nick Cannon, Tim Lincecum, former New York Giant Michael Strahan, Minnesota Timberwolves All Star Kevin Love, and rapper/actor superstar Nas. Today, the startup… Read More

  • Apple Joins Oreos And Capri Sun As Most Popular Youth Brand

    Apple Joins Oreos And Capri Sun As Most Popular Youth Brand

    In a poll of 5,077 US youngsters ages 8-24, Apple came out on top over all over computer, phone, and tablet makers as the number one electronics brand. Apple joins the ranks of Nintendo, Oreo, and Sprite as some of the most popular brands in America today. Pollsters Harris Interactive asked questions about brand preference and loyalty. They note that “Apple has built a powerful equity… Read More

  • TechCrunch Teardown: Top Facebook Brand Page Growth and Key Trends

    Editor’s note: Steven Carpenter is an entrepreneur that writes the TechCrunch Teardown series that looks at the business models of consumer Internet companies. My last TechCrunch Teardown outlined the multi-billion dollar online brand advertising opportunity. As part of that research, I looked at the top Facebook brand pages to see how some brands were successfully using social media… Read More

  • More handsets to match your handbag

    More from ABI Research, following Dior’s recently launched line of mobile phones, the firm predicts more high-end fashion houses are looking to mobile phones as the latest design frontier. ABI says mobile phones “take on a powerful symbolism” for brands as “personal items used frequently in public,” and representations of a user’s “social status… Read More

  • Introducing Handvertising: Branding the brand-aware

    This is one of those ideas that I wish I thought of. I go to a lot of club nights, rock shows, and court dates. Usually they stamp your had, proof that you’ve paid the cover and are over 21 and are allowed to come and go as you please. Sometimes door persons or promoters will get kitchy with their stamps, but usually it’s something someone found on the bric a brac shelf at Goodwill… Read More

  • Interview With Michael Megalli, Branding Expert for Group 1066 on AT&T, Cingular, and the iPhone – LIVE! We’re talking to Michael Megalli, branding expert for Group 1066 on the trials and tribulations going on at AT&T during their Cingular transition. Cool stuff. Bloops – Looks like we pulled a Sopranos at the end there. Thanks to Michael for taking some time out to talk with us and we’ll have him on again when Operator11… Read More

  • Google Tops Global Branding List

    To the left, you’ll see Google’s logo. You’ve seen it before a kajillion times, and know what it is without actually having to read the word “google”. That’s because it’s the number one brand in the world, according to Brand Channel, who interviewed thousands of branding students and professionals and published its report today. Second place goes to… Read More