Immediately’s Branko Cerny on the rise of bottom up sales and the importance of branding

In contrast to the more traditional top down, generally involving the sale to a CIO or VP, the bottoms up sales approach enable each employee to be a credit card carrying decision maker.

The Ascent Of Ad Blockers Clears The Way For More Engaging Adtech

Consumers hate ads. Why? Ads are often irrelevant, boring and annoying. This ad-hate wouldn’t be a problem but for the fact that ads pay for mostly everything we watch, listen to, read and otherwise

The Worst Possible Name For Your Brand And Three Things You Can Learn From It

Let’s say you want to come up with a great brand name for a new beverage brand you’re launching. You know what consumers are looking for, and you’re the creative type. What’s the biggest namin

Rovio Looks To Tap The Power Of The AllSpark With Angry Birds Transformers

Finnish casual game maker Rovio is back at it with a new title in its Angry Birds series, this one a branded partnership like the Star Wars version released previously. The new game pairs Blockbuster

Instagram Cracks Down On Connected Apps Using “Insta” And “Gram”

Instagram has updated its brand guidelines to ban apps that feature either the word "Insta" or "GramG in their names, and it has begun sending emails to existing apps requesting that they change those

Hackers Turn Burger King’s Tweet Stream Into A Whopper Of A Mess

About 40 minutes ago <a target="_blank" href="">hackers took over the official Burger King Twitter account</a>, changing the branding to feature McDonald's fish nuggets p

Hey Facebook, Could You Fit Any More Fucking Branding On Your “Gifts”?

So, Facebook launched its <a href="">"Gifts" product</a>, and I was keen to take

With Wee A B See, Wee Society Launches A Lifestyle Brand, Not Just A Children’s App

<a target="_blank" href="">Wee Society</a>, a new effort emerging from a small design and branding studio based in San Francisco, has just published its first app, a childre

As Windows 8 Nears Public Debut, Microsoft Ditches “Metro” Brand (P.S. It Doesn’t Matter)

Microsoft is abandoning its "Metro" branding - the branding that refers to the clean, modern, tiled layout that defines many of its consumer-facing products including Windows 8, Windows Phone, Xbox 36

12Society: A Lifestyle Site Curated & Co-founded By Stars Like Nick Cannon, Nas And Tim Lincecum

Since announcing its private beta in March, <a target="_blank" href="">12society</a> has been in stealth mode, quietly building a star studded roster of co-founders and curato

Apple Joins Oreos And Capri Sun As Most Popular Youth Brand

In a poll of 5,077 US youngsters ages 8-24, Apple came out on top over all over computer, phone, and tablet makers as the number one electronics brand. Apple joins the ranks of Nintendo, Oreo, and Spr

TechCrunch Teardown: Top Facebook Brand Page Growth and Key Trends

<img src="" alt="" /> <em><strong>Editor's note</strong>: <a href="">Steven Carpent

More handsets to match your handbag

More from ABI Research, following Dior’s recently launched line of mobile phones, the firm predicts more high-end fashion houses are looking to mobile phones as the latest design frontier. ABI says

Introducing Handvertising: Branding the brand-aware

This is one of those ideas that I wish I thought of. I go to a lot of club nights, rock shows, and court dates. Usually they stamp your had, proof that you’ve paid the cover and are over 21 and

Interview With Michael Megalli, Branding Expert for Group 1066 on AT&T, Cingular, and the iPhone – LIVE! We’re talking to Michael Megalli, branding expert for Group 1066 on the trials and tribulations going on at AT&T during their Cingular transiti

Google Tops Global Branding List

To the left, you’ll see Google’s logo. You’ve seen it before a kajillion times, and know what it is without actually having to read the word “google” . That’s becau