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Stanford cryptography researchers are building Espresso, a privacy-focused blockchain

If blockchain technology is to reach true mass adoption, it will have to become cheaper and more efficient. Low transaction throughput on some of the most popular blockchains, most notably Ethereum, h

Energy-saving Bitcoin rival Chia raises from A16Z, plans mini-IPO

Bram Cohen invented torrenting. Now he’s building a cryptocurrency called Chia that doesn’t waste electricity like Bitcoin, and top investors are lining up. Chia has just raised a $3.395 m

BitTorrent inventor announces eco-friendly bitcoin competitor Chia

A bitcoin transaction wastes as much electricity as it takes to power an American home for a week, and legendary coder Bram Cohen wants to fix that. Cohen has started a new company called Chia Network

Keen On… Bram Cohen: Has BitTorrent Killed The Music Industry? (TCTV)

I've been waiting for this one. Bram Cohen is the Chief Scientist and co-founder of the P2P file sharing service BitTorrent. And he may also be one of the guys most responsible for the decline in the