brain machine interface

  • Thought-operated controller delayed because it still doesn't work

    Emotiv Systems announced today that the Epoc “neuroheadset” will be delayed until after the holiday season, due to the headset not working as intended. The Epoc was initially announced during the Intel Developers Forum, where Emotiv stated that it would detect a user’s brainwaves at the skull’s surface, allowing you to move and manipulate items. They expected to release… Read More

  • NeuroSky's EEG-reading "MindSet" at Tokyo Game Show tomorrow

    I have always been skeptical of this so-called mind-reading technology as a game-playing device, although I will admit that it has its applications — if it works, which I’m sure it does at least adequately. I can’t imagine switching weapons with the thing, but can you imagine trying to clear your mind while your spellcaster preps a big heal, or getting psyched up to build… Read More