Remembering the startups we lost in 2023

Not every startup collapse is an FTX or Theranos. They don’t all burn so brightly and explode so spectacularly. More often than not, there won’t be some high-profile court case and prison time. Am

Braid shuts down, Stash marches toward an IPO and what happens when a fintech relationship fizzles out

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How do you pronounce IaaS?

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Consumer payments startup Braid, backed by Index and Accel, shuts down

Braid, a four-year-old startup that aimed to make shared wallets more mainstream among consumers, has shut down. Founded in January 2019 by Amanda Peyton and Todd Berman (who left in 2020), San Franci

‘The Ultimatum’ and social fintech have more in common than you’d think

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Braid aims to untangle pooling money with friends

Group-financing platform Braid is trying to make transactions work for various entities, from shared households to side hustles to creative projects.

Braid to (finally) hit PCs in '09

<img src=""> <a href="">Braid</a> got a lot of press this year as the killer LIVE Marketplace game an

Soulja Boy expertly dissects Braid

FYI: video does contain NSFW language. And he’s just walk’n round, jump’n on sh*t. The funnest part ’bout it youcandosom’emlikethis, “fuuccckuuuuuuuippp.” No

Braid Papercraft brings your gaming to life

True Braid fanboys are going to have a little Tim papercraft on their cubicle by the end of the day. David Hellman via Kotaku

XBOX 360's 'Braid' developer banking on game sales

The utter nostalgic simplicity of Braid is making the indie developer swim in a lot of coin. Jonathan Blow’s game has already sold 55,000 copies and at $15 a pop, that works out to an impressi