Bragi sells off hardware business, will focus on licenses and software

Bragi was a promising early contender in the Bluetooth earbud space. The company came to prominence in 2014 with a massively successful $3.3 million Kickstarter. And to its credit, it actually brought

Can a headphone company pivot to AI?

According to Bragi, headphones are just the “tip of the iceberg” of what the company’s been working on for the past four years. Last month at CES, the company announced Project Ears, an initiati

Bragi’s Dash and Dash Pro wireless earbuds to get Amazon Alexa

Bragi’s completely wireless earbuds, the Dash Pro (and the older Dash), will get access to Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant via a software update coming in October. This is the first time

Bragi’s Dash Pro is a sophisticated and smart AirPods alternative

If you’re feeling AirPods envy but don’t want/can’t find/don’t have ears that work ergonomically with Apple’s white tube option, there’s a new top choice alternativ

Bragi’s new Dash PRO headphones are true wearable head computers

Bragi has some new headphones coming out, and they have more in common with the original Bragi Dash than with the minimal Headphone they launched late last year. The new Dash PRO and Dash PRO tailored

Bragi’s The Headphone is now shipping to all

When we reviewed Bragi’s fully wireless earbuds back in November, we wrote, “using them feels a little like you’ve finally arrived” – turns out it was a bit of unintentionally ironic foresha

Bragi’s The Headphone is shipping to customers slower than expected

Bragi has to break bad news to customers awaiting its new wireless earbuds, The Headphone. The cord-free gadget performed well in our testing of a pre-production sample, but Bragi sent a note to cust