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Boxee TV Update Adds Vudu 3D Content And DLNA Streaming From Computers And Mobile Devices

Boxee TV has a new firmware update making its way out to its connected set-top boxes this week, which includes a number of big improvements including the addition of DLNA streaming. Spotted by GigaOM,

Boxee Is The Poster Child Of A Lean Startup: They Just Happen To Ship Hardware

Boxee launched the <a href="">Boxee TV</a> shortly before Christmas. At 3,000 Walmart stores. And a major feature is <em>still</em> in beta. Boxee is the pos

Boxee TV Hits Walmart Stores Tomorrow

Boxee has grown up. It was just a few short years ago that the NYC startup was simply hawking beta copies of its innovative media center software. Then came the D-Link-made Boxee Box, which sold in li

The Boxee TV Offers Unlimited DVR Storage, Dual Tuners, And Netflix For $99 (And $15/Month For The DVR)

Meet the Boxee TV: A $99 TV tuner/DVR aimed squarely at cord cutters and casual cable TV subscribers. It packs a DVR with unlimited storage, dual ATSC/QAM tuners, and several key apps including Netfli

Boxee Continues To Innovate With API And New Alpha Version For Mac, Apple TV

<img src="" width="101" height="114" />Free entertainment hub <a href="">Boxee</a> keeps on getting better and bette