Urban Storage Startup Boxbee Raises $2.3 Million From Floodgate, Google Ventures, And Others

About a year ago, Boxbee launched to create a new paradigm for how people use storage in urban settings. Today, it's announcing that it's raised $2.3 million from investors that include Floodgate Capi

Boxbee Launches A Sharing Library To Spark Peer-To-Peer Lending Of Unused Goods

San Francisco-based storage startup <a target="_blank" href="">Boxbee</a> was founded on the idea of using technology to change the way people thought about urban storage. By provid

Urban Storage Startup Boxbee Is Opening For Business In The San Francisco Bay Area

Have a lot of stuff? Don't have a lot of space to store that stuff? Don't know how you'd get yourself organized enough to keep track of it, even if you did have the space? No worries, urban storage st

Urban Storage Startup Boxbee Wins Best New Startup Prize At Launch, Zillabyte Takes Enterprise With Its ‘Pandora For Leads’

<a target="_blank" href="">Boxbee</a>, a startup that's looking to make urban storage (not of the digital variety) less of a pain in the ass, just won the best new startup award at