Box Skyrockets 50% To More Than $21 Per Share In First Minutes As A Public Company

Bam. Today Box opened at around $20.50, far above its $14 IPO price, giving the company a valuation of around $2.5 billion. The company was valued at just under $1.7 billion at $14 per share. Box p

Why Is Box Taking So Long To Pull The IPO Trigger?

On March 24th, Box filed for its long-awaited IPO and went into the dreaded quiet period. It's been over six months now since Box filed its S-1 form, signaling it would look for $250 million in its pu

Inside Box’s Updated S-1

After much ado and pomp, Box released its updated S-1 document yesterday, revamping some of its usage statistics, and detailing the results of its fiscal first quarter. The company posted revenue of $

Box’s Q1 Revenue Nearly Doubles As Its Losses Expand A More Modest 13%

This afternoon, Box pulled the trigger on its updated S-1 document, detailing its fiscal first quarter financial performance. For the three-month period, Box had revenue of $45.3 million, and a loss o

Box Picks Up $150M More As It Waits For Favorable IPO Winds

Box, a file-storage and management firm, has raised another $150 million from TPG and Coatue, according to the Wall Street Journal. The company had previously raised $414.1 million, making its total f

Box Said To Move Forward With Its Debut As The Tech IPO Market Perks Up

Box, a cloud storage and file management company, could be moving its IPO forward once again. Box famously filed, and then didn't hit go on, its offering in the time frame that the market initially ex

A Look Inside Box: Competition, Product Plans, And Unit Economics

While Box was widely expected to be a money-losing shop, the extent of its losses and that it is accelerating surprised some. What the losses mean in the context of Box and its future is a complex que

Hotshot CEO Aaron Levie Will Only Own About 5.7% Of Box When It IPOs, Investor DFJ Owns 25.5%

Box CEO Aaron Levie is credited with bringing sexy back to enterprise startups, but the big surprise in Box's S-1 IPO document filed today is that Levie only owns 5.7% percent of the company. Meanwhil

Box Files For $250M IPO On Full-Year Revenue Of $124M, Net Loss Of $168M

The Box S-1 is out at last. The cloud storage company is looking to raise up $250 million in the flotation. That sum is less than its competitor Dropbox recently raised from the private markets. Bo