An Exclusive Look At The BotObjects ProDesk3D Color 3D Printer

The ProDesk3D by <a target="_blank" href="">BotObjects</a> has been one of the most controversial 3D printer products over the past few years. Built by a small firm in London

Hands-On With The botObjects ProDesk3D

After months of speculation and quite a bit of skepticism, we're pleased to report that the ProDesk3D is real, it works, and it really does print in color. How, exactly, is still under question - we w

As October Launch Approaches, BotObjects Releases Another Build Video

<a href="">BotObjects</a> is a 3D printer company that promises "full-color" printing in a system that uses a set of colored filaments to extract colored plastic i

BotObjects Vows To Put A 3D Printer In (Almost) Every High School

<a target="_blank" href="">BotObjects</a>, an intriguing 3D printing outfit that builds real, full-color additive prints out of multiple colored plastic filaments, has announced t