Rsocks, a popular proxy service, was just seized by the DOJ

The U.S. Department of Justice has confirmed it has seized and dismantled the infrastructure of a Russian botnet used to hijack millions of devices worldwide for use as proxy servers. According to pro

Google disrupts Russian botnet that infected 1 million Windows machines

Google is suing two Russian individuals it claims are behind a sophisticated botnet operation that has silently infiltrated more than 1 million Windows machines worldwide. In a complaint filed in the

A newly-wormable Windows botnet is ballooning in size

Researchers say a botnet targeting Windows devices is rapidly growing in size, thanks to a new infection technique that allows the malware to spread from computer to computer. The Purple Fox malware w

Police hijack a botnet and remotely kill 850,000 malware infections

In a rare feat, French police have hijacked and neutralized a massive cryptocurrency mining botnet controlling close to a million infected computers. The notorious Retadup malware infects computers an

California passes law that bans default passwords in connected devices

Good news! California has passed a law banning default passwords like “admin,” “123456” and the old classic “password” in all new consumer electronics starting in 2

Twitter accused of dodging Brexit botnet questions again

Once again Twitter stands accused of dodging questions from a parliamentary committee that's investigating Russian bot activity during the UK's 2016 Brexit referendum.  

BrickerBot is a vigilante worm that destroys insecure IoT devices

A hacker called The Janitor has created multiple versions of a program called BrickerBot, a system that searches out and bricks insecure IoT devices. A researcher named Pascal Geenens has followed the

Rustock Knocked Out, Investigators Look For Its Puppet Masters

<img src="" />The botnet is dead (enough), but now what? You'l recall that Microsoft, working in conjunction with pretty much every

Rustock Botnet: Down & Out, Or Merely Down?

<img src="" />It was like a movie. Microsoft, working with domestic and international police, and with corporations like Phizer, had man

The Walled Garden Has Won

<img src="" alt="" width="240" height="152" /> Ten days ago Google discovered that apparently innocuous Android apps <a href="https://t

Should we even bother going after cyber-criminals?

<img src="" />At what point do you stop trying to track and prosecute cyber-criminals? Obviously, you can't let criminals run around

Twitter now being used to direct botnets

<img src="" /> Twitter. Twitter? Twitter! <b>TWITTER!</b> Yes, the world's most important Web site has been co-opted by evildoers, be

You too can buy 1,000 zombie PCs for pennies on the dollar!

<img src="" />You know those “have-a-penny/need-a-penny” jars you find at 7-Eleven and whatnot? Here's a cool way to kill a few ho