• Neurable nets $2 million to build brain-controlled software for AR and VR

    Neurable nets $2 million to build brain-controlled software for AR and VR

    As consumers get their first taste of voice-controlled home robots and motion-based virtual realities, a quiet swath of technologists are thinking big picture about what comes after that. The answer has major implications for the way we’ll interact with our devices in the near future. Spoiler alert: We won’t be yelling or waving at them; we’ll be thinking at them. That answer… Read More

  • Boss Micro BR BR-80 Micro-recorder Brings All Its Instruments On The Bus

    Boss Micro BR BR-80 Micro-recorder Brings All Its Instruments On The Bus

    Back in the old days, if you wanted to record your Bruce-Springstein-esque yowlings in the comfort of your bedroom you had to use an old Tascam four track and slap down the music at a quality that was questionable at best. Now, with the advent of micro-recorders like the Boss Micro BR BR-80, you can sound like a pro without much assistance. The device records to SD/SDHC and supports full… Read More

  • BR-800 digital recorder from BOSS

    Field recording sessions are fun, but there’s a pretty large gap between the low and high ends of the gear. You either get a handheld stereo recorder, or have to haul a mess of interfaces and preamps with your laptop. But this multi-track recorder from BOSS fills in that gap nicely with a very versatile and flexible recording platform. Read More

  • Roland TU-88: Everything you need not to piss of the neighbors with your rendition of Sweet Home Alabama

    This small device is a Roland tuner – chromatic, guitar, and bass – with a needle pointed and pitch verification as well as a monitor. This means you can tune your electric instrument and then run it through this box to listen to how things sound on your headphones. It also supports effects pedals chained from the guitar the the monitor and includes a built-in metronome. Read More

  • Boss ME-70: 40 effects on board

    Attention those about to rock. We salute you. This sassy stompbox has four switch pedals as well as a variable pedal for adding all kinds of effects to your red-hot shredding efforts. The variable pedal can act as a volume or wah controller and it includes a number of overdrive and distortion systems for creating odd noises. Read More

  • Boss reveals multi-effect processor and tuners at NAMM

    A major drawback of multi-effect processors is that they are digital. The sound coming out of them usually lacks the analog warmth. The ME-70 is easy to use, has knobs for every parameter so you can edit your sound quickly. Read More

  • BOSS Developer Fuses Yahoo News With Twitter To Create TweetNews

    Vik Singh of Yahoo’s BOSS team has just launched a new search engine called TweetNews that mashes up Yahoo News stories with some of the hottest topics on Twitter. The result is a news engine that is significantly more timely than common news aggregators like Google News and Yahoo’s standard news site. In his blog post describing the new release, Singh explains that sorting Yahoo… Read More

  • TechCrunch's New Search Engine: Powered by Yahoo BOSS

    About a week ago we soft-launched a new search engine for TechCrunch, the first to be built and deployed using Yahoo’s new BOSS Custom technology (otherwise known as “BOSS vertical lens”, as Yahoo called it in its announcement today). The new TechCrunch Search is considerably more powerful than WordPress’s default search capabilities. For one, you can now search across… Read More

  • Yahoo BOSS Used To Create Powerset For Images and More

    Yahoo has highlighted a few more implementations of BOSS, the search API it launched in early July that allows third party websites to incorporate Yahoo search functionality seamlessly into their sites. This is the second time Yahoo has showcased the fruits of BOSS developers. In early August, Yahoo drew attention to 4HourSearch, the Cuil knock-off formerly known as Yuil; PlayerSearch, a… Read More

  • Some Mashups Harnessing The Power Of Yahoo's BOSS

    Yahoo’s Search Blog has posted a list of some of the most promising new web apps being built using its BOSS search platform. BOSS is a radically open API that launched last month that allows developers to utilize much of Yahoo’s core search data without the restrictions seen on most other search APIs. 4HourSearch – A week ago Yahoo VP of Platforms Sam Pullara released Yuil… Read More

  • SearchCloud Weights Keywords To Improve Search Relevance

    SearchCloud, a new search engine that launched on July 17, has a new take on search refinement that it hopes will make it a useful alternative to the likes of Yahoo and Google. Instead of simply entering multiple keywords, users can rank how important each term is to the search. Each term is placed in a “search cloud”, where its weight is indicated by the size of the… Read More

  • Yahoo Radically Opens Web Search With BOSS

    When you’re the distant second player in web search, you’ve got nothing to lose by making bold moves. So it makes sense that Yahoo has adopted an open strategy with the following idea in mind: woo developers to build on top of your technology, and then display your advertisements to more eyeballs throughout the long tail of the web. Yahoo takes a large step in that direction today… Read More