• USB powered boots hit the mainstream

    USB powered footwear isn’t eactly new to the novelty market, but it hasn’t really been embraced by the mainstream clothing makers yet. Well, that’s about to change; Columbia Sportswear just announced the usb powered Omni-Heat boots. Read More

  • Boots transform into boots with spikes

    These boots are a smart idea. I don’t know if they’re $200 smart but that’s Hammacher Schlemmer’s problem, I guess. They’re standard-looking leather boots that feature reversible cleats on the underside. So wear them outside in the winter and when it gets really icy, deploy the spikes for a nice non-slip grip. Read More

  • These boots were made for tracking

    DARPA, everyone’s favorite organization that sounds suspiciously like Dharma, is working on tracking sensors that can be embedded into the sole of a shoe. Micro Inertial Navigation Technology, or MINT for short, is being jointly developed by Case Western University and Intersense (of the Massachusetts Intersenses). These sensors are designed to provide location information in places… Read More

  • Skiboot flask: Because there's no better place to get trashed than on an icy mountain

    We like to drink. In fact, we’re all drunk right now. However, I, personally, rarely drink on the ski slopes simply because I’m afraid of hitting trees, babies, and the ground. If you’re a better skier/snowboarder than I am, however, feel free to pick up the Bakoda Flask Pack, a flask system that connects right onto your boot binding, ensuring you can get nice and toast on… Read More

  • Lost in translation?

    Don’t they mean Bone Me Boots? Read More