Boot Camp

Apple will support Windows 7 in Boot Camp by the end of the year

<img src="">Mac users will need to wait a little longer until Apple officially supports Windows 7 through Boot Camp. A support do

Microsoft supports Boot Camp Windows installations?

I’m just gonna throw this rumor out there but let’s keep our pants on for at least the rest of the afternoon (not that this is a huge deal, but it is a little interesting). According to a

Boot Camp Beta dead to Apple starting 2008

We all knew it was coming. The announcement that Apple would stop supporting the Boot Camp beta some time after Leopard came out was not well received, but once people figured out it didn’t mean

Korean Web junkies get sent to boot camp

South Korea can boast that it’s the most wired nation in the world, but that sort of accolade comes at an expense. You now have a country full of Net junkies who have lost all sense of reality.

Boot Camp Beta 1.4 expiring soon

I tried using Boot Camp on my MacBook once and didn’t like it, but that’s probably because I was running on 512MB of RAM, which barely ran OS X as is. Yeah, anyways, Mac users running Boot Camp be

Apple Releases Boot Camp 1.2

Let’s start your Thursday off with something a little action-packed, shall we? No? Ok then. Apple has released Boot Camp 1.2 and with it comes long-awaited support for Windows Vista. Now you can

Boot Camp: Free for Leopards, $30 for Tigers

When Leopard, the forthcoming version of Apple’s OS X, hits the streets in the coming weeks, it will ship with Boot Camp, built-in software that allows Intel-based Macs to dual-boot to Windows X