Boosted Boards

Boosted’s new electric skateboard is shorter and cheaper

It’s been about six years since Boosted first showed up with its electric longboard and its oh-so-orange wheels, but the company is back with the next logical step: a cheaper, shorter board. The

Boosted’s v2 electric skateboards go 12 miles with swappable batteries

The Boosted Board is the best electric skateboard on the market, but its biggest flaw is a troublingly low range of 6 miles per charge. Today, Boosted opened pre-orders of its Gen 2 boards for $999 to

Review: Boosted Board Dual+ flourishes in the streets of NYC

I’m not the only one who thinks this way about riding a piece of bamboo with wheels and a motor. YouTube personality and entrepreneur Casey Neistat made it his main form of transportation ar

Feet-On With Boosted Boards’ New Faster And Cheaper Electric Skateboards

If you want to ride a magic carpet, the Boosted Board is the closest you’ll get until they make that hoverboard run on asphalt. And now there’s an even more powerful model for climbing epic hi

Boosted Boards Unveils Its Magical Stanford-Engineered Electric Skateboard

Riding uphill on a Boosted Board feels like you're cheating gravity. Today this powerful, easy-to-control electric skateboard <a target="_blank" href="