• Sega releases cheap photo frame for fickle, inscrutable Japanese youth

    The Japanese love them some photoframes but many photoframes are expensive (I’m paraphrasing from French so bear with me.) Most photoframes cost $200 or more while this new Sega photoframe costs about $44. It has a 1.5-inch screen and is light enough to placed in your bag. It is a photoframe. It is small. It is cheap. Questions? Read More

  • Sony Ericsson launches two sexy HSDPA phones you shouldn't care about

    Oh boy, rest of the world! Sony Ericsson is looking out for you with their new Z780 and the sexy-stylish G502 are basically aimed at the developing world where mobile Internet might not be as popular. Both support ActiveSync and run on tri-band GSM. Don’t call your grandma and tell her about this one, because she’ll be disappointed that it will never arrive on our… Read More