Teenage Engineering’s OB-4 ‘magic radio’ is a weird and beautiful wireless speaker

I’ve found a new object of desire which, once acquired, I would probably never use. It’s this OB-4 “magic radio” from Teenage Engineering, a design group that creates tech with

Boombox Helps Publishers Add An Interactive Touch To Their Content

Quizzes! Lists! Quizlists! Okay, I made the last one up. My point is, it seems like publishers are always trying something new to keep visitors clicking and reading. But if you don’t have a gia

Logitech UE Boombox And Mobile Boombox Review: Bluetooth Speakers With A Rich Sound

<strong>Short version:</strong> These two battery-powered bluetooth speakers are the first modern boomboxes designed by the newly created subsidiary Logitech UE. Acquired in 2008, Ultimate Ears is wel

RD-R2: JVC's Portable Audio Recorder Targets Street Musicians

<img src="" /> JVC Japan <a href="">announced</a> [JP] the RD-R2 today, a portab

Sony ZS-S4iP – just a boring iPod or iPhone boombox

Oh goodie, another iPod boombox from Sony and judging by the looks, it’s headed to your local Target or Walmart. There really isn’t anything breathtakingly fresh here, CD player on top,

Harman Kardon Go + Play iPod Dock Review

Normally I deal with JBL, one of the companies Harman Kardon owns, so it’s good to get a breath of fresh air one could say. Harman Kardon is known all over the globe as a wicked speaker manufact

Sanyo MAJ-U02 Ghetto Blaster

The MAJ-U02 is equipped with a CD player, USB port, cassette deck (sweet!), digital FM tuner and a SD/MMC slot. The speakers are also hopped up with a bass reflex system, an amplifier with bass boost

Live From Vegas: Sony Gets A Bluetooth Boombox

Sony’s new ZS-BT1 ghettoblaster is anything but — sporting Bluetooth for easy access to the seven songs you have on your Walkman phone. It’ll be about 150 bucks when it hits around A

Parrot Busts Out The Bluetooth Boombox

Yo listen up, this is what I’m sayin’ Parrot’s got a boombox for which you’ll be payin’ Bluetooth-equipped like it ain’t no thang It’ll cost you $300 and some

Memorex Mi3500 iPod Boombox: Pricey, But Not Bad

Sure, there are lots of iPod boomboxes on the market, and we love them all equally (not really). Take, for example, this new Mi3005 from Memorex (remember them?). Running on a handful of D batteries,