• Chegg Hires Former Netflix COO To Manage Massive Textbook Warehouse

    Chegg Hires Former Netflix COO To Manage Massive Textbook Warehouse

    Right about now, as college students across the country start to go back to school for the Spring semester, things are starting to pick up at Chegg’s 600,000 square foot warehouse in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. The warehouse sits right next to the main UPS shipping hub and across from a Zappos warehouse. The textbook rental company sees its busiest times peak twice a year at the beginning… Read More

  • Little Bookrenter Is Narrowing The Gap With Chegg

    Little Bookrenter Is Narrowing The Gap With Chegg

    When it comes to the quickly growing online textbook-rental market, Chegg is the young giant to beat. But its smaller competitor, Bookrenter, is making some impressive gains. If you look at traffic to each respective website, you can see spikes at the beginning of each semester (see chart above). Last January, Bookrenter’s traffic was only 12.6 percent of Chegg’s, whereas by… Read More

  • Chegg Warns Rival It Owns The Trademark To Being No. 1

    Who exactly is the market leader in textbook rentals is no longer just an academic debate. Online textbook rental service Chegg recently sent its rival a lawyer letter (embedded below) demanding that it stop using the phrase “#1 In Textbook Rentals” on its Website. That is Chegg’s marketing slogan, and it even registered the phrase as a trademark in 2008. But… Read More

  • Barnes & Noble College Tries To Take On Chegg In Sizzling Textbook Rental Market

    After test-piloting a textbook rental program at three campus stores, Barnes & Noble College is rolling out the program more broadly to 25 U.S. colleges. Students will be able to rent textbooks from their campus bookstores, online, or from Barnes & Noble stores on campus. Students who want to rent online will be able to do so through their campus bookstore websites, such as Ohio… Read More

  • Textbook Rental Market Heats Up: BookRenter Raises $6M Series A

    Earlier this month college textbook rental company Chegg raised $112M as part of a combined Series D and debt round, bringing the total raised by the company to a massive $144M. Competitor BookRenter will tomorrow announce a Series A round of $6M, raised from Storm Ventures and Adams Capital Management. BookRenter has only raised a fraction of the capital of their competitor Chegg, but the… Read More