• TwelveSouth Updates Their BookArc For The Retina MacBook

    TwelveSouth Updates Their BookArc For The Retina MacBook

    As a fan of beautiful things (looking at you, Robert Pattinson) I’ve always loved TwelveSouth’s BookArc laptop stands. Designed to keep your laptop up and out of the way on your desk. It’s not amazing technology: it’s basically an arc-shaped piece of aluminum slotted to fit a specific laptop – in this case the Retina MacBook. At $49 it’s a bit pricey, but… Read More

  • BookArc for MacBook Air: Make Your MBA Stand Up And Take Notice

    Twelve South makes cool, if simple, laptop gear. We’ve covered their BookArc before and this is an improved permutation of the version for the latest MacBook Air. It costs $39.99 and allows you to stand your laptop up next to a monitor and control the cabling so everything is in its right place. Read More

  • BookArc Makes Promises For MacBook Air Experience, Speed And Style Among Them

    So you got a new MacBook Air. Big deal, right? How have you been using it on your desk? Surely you have an external monitor, trackpad and keyboard. But, somethings missing, isn’t it? Why lie the MBA flat on the desktop, especially since there is now the BookArc from 12 South. Read More