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Q&A: ‘Better Venture’ authors on why VC has failed to reinvent itself

"Better Venture" serves as a guide for those looking to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in the venture space.

Book Excerpt: ‘Better Venture’ looks at how the current venture model connects to the slave trade

"Better Venture" looks at VC's past and proposes new ways of thinking about startup fundraising.

The door-to-door economy: Piloting the giants

The little pilot boat bounces and slaps the waves as it sidles next to the towering cargo vessel as the two craft match speed and course, the small boat looking hopelessly fragile next to its eight-st

Book Excerpt: Bruce Perry’s Fitness For Geeks

<strong>And Now for Something Completely Different </strong> Try this: you wake up without an alarm sometime soon after sunrise, with plenty of time to spare to make it to work. It was a good sle