A look back at the year that the Sub-Saharan African startup scene found its stride

African tech in 2017 was about the normalization of market events mostly absent even a decade ago. There were acquisitions, multiple investment rounds, lots of expansion, big strategic partnerships an

Steve Jobs Still Casts Long Shadow At Web Summit

Ron Miller Contributor More posts by this contributor After investing $28B in Slack, Salesforce bets on one of its own as new CEO Salesforce could be repositioning itself as a data company I spent thi

Elevation's LPs Refuse Extension for New Deals, Fund Riding on Facebook and Yelp

<img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-214857" title="roulette-wheel1" src="" alt="" width="265" height="202" /></a>The hit

Rumor: RED iPhone on the way for the holidays?

The rumor of a (RED) iPhone 3G has been coming and going since for a while now – before the phone had even been made official, even. The rumor died for a while after launch, but alas – it&

'RED' iPod Nano Coming Tomorrow?

iLounge is reporting that a new, red iPod nano will be announced tomorrow on the Oprah Winfrey show by Bono himself. The red iPod will be a part of the Product RED program that is currently literally