Bone conduction

Review: Audio Bone 1.0 headphones

Bone conduction is an odd beast and, frankly, it freaks me out, which is why I was hesitant to use the Audio Bone headphones for a few days. On the other hand, my hearing is pretty bad and I’ll do a

Audio Bone 1.0 'phones rattle your bones

Does the phrase ‘bone conduction’ freak anyone else out? Today, GameChanger (such a clever name) announced the Audio Bone 1.0 headphones. These bone conducting ‘phones are said to be mor

TEAC HiFi: Bone Conduction Style

I’ve grown very fond of my hearing in the last few years and that’s a sad thing to say at my age. I often find myself saying, “huh”, more than I like to. After having my Able Planets my ears c