Bond, The App For Giving Gifts, Lands On The Web

Just in time for Black Friday, <a href="">Bond</a> is bringing its gifting platform <a target="_b

With A Note-Writing Robot, Bond Is Uber For Gift Giving

You know what works really well when you're building relationships? Bribery, also known as gifts. Bond, a new startup launching out of New York, understands this. The company also understands that, ev

Google Trekker Gets You Off-Limits Access To Exotic Locations Like The Island From Bond’s Skyfall

Google Trekker just announced the expansion of its street view hiking map project to outside organizations, and today it's revealing another aspect of the program's broadening: Getting virtual tourist

Fascinating Bond trivia

Who doesn’t enjoy a little James Bond trivia? The influence of the Bond films is so great that Nasa was thrilled to let 007 give the world its first view of the Space Shuttle in Moonraker  &#82

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 will be able to unlock the new SAAB

Embracing a concept found in just about every spy movie ever made, Sony Ericsson and SAAB have announced that the Xperia X1 will be able to communicate with the SAAB 9-X Air concept car, controlling s

Using corroded metal to find fingerprints

Researchers have figured out a way to identify fingerprints left on metals even after they have been wiped clean. By applying a fine conducting powder to a gun or bullet casing, the fingerprint reveal

Latest Bond movie pimping a Ford Ka

Nothing screams super-spy, gadget tech like a Ford Ka hatchback: 13-inch rims, 45 mpg, and sexy metallic gold paint job. The last Bond flix had a Euro-spec Ford Mondeo sedan cameo, but Bond’s fe

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