• Central PA police called when router falls from sky

    The bomb squad in Carlisle, PA “neutralized” something that fell out of the sky triggered a total panic in the town. What was the bomb? It was a wireless router wrapped in duct tape that a man was using to grab free Wi-Fi from a nearby library. Read More

  • High-tech bomb squads in Iraq and Afghanistan

    The methods for detonating bombs, IEDs, mortars, missiles, and so on have multiplied and become more technologically advanced; it follows, then, that a bomb squad should be a high-tech outfit prepared for any tech contingency. This is a very interesting and in-depth article about the lucky soldiers (Army and Navy) whose job it is to detect, disarm, and collect unexploded ordnance and… Read More

  • Bomb scare at eBay; or Bomb it Now!

    If you sent a package to the offices of eBay, you’re in trouble. The wonderful cheap-ass auction site had to evacuate one of its office buildings earlier today when a “suspicious package” of unknown origin showed up in the mail room. I’m waiting on some AV cables for my new iPod Touch. If you were trying to send them to me but sent them to eBay instead, you’re… Read More