The making of a hardware founder

Working in tech, it’s hard to avoid the many stories and congratulatory tweets about the latest company to close a funding round, and little wonder. It’s a milestone worth celebrating before getti

Bolt Threads joins Modern Meadow in the quest to bring lab-grown leather to market

There’s a new world of lab-grown replacements coming for everything, from the meat department in your grocery store to a department store near you. Lab-made leather replacements will soon join v

Bolt launches an Amazon-like checkout experience for the rest of online retail

A startup called Bolt wants to give e-commerce retailers a better shot at competing with Amazon. Operating in stealth for a year, the payments platform has grown to 100 online merchants who are now in

Spider silk startup Bolt Threads closes on $123 million in Series D funding

Bolt Threads, the startup making spider silk from microbugs, has raised a giant $123 million Series D round of funding. As we reported in November, an SEC filing showed the company had raised $106 m

Driving the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV

The Bolt is designed to be approachable and at least a little familiar at first, even though it’s actually a very different kind of car under the hood, thanks to its 60 kWh battery and electric moto

Byte Foods raises $5.5 million for smart vending machines that serve local fare

Apple juniper kombucha or a BBQ chopped salad may soon replace the can of soda and bag of chips in a vending machine at your office. A San Rafael-based startup called Byte Foods has raised $5.5 millio

Are we experiencing transportation’s Instagram moment?

Electrification, sharing and autonomous drive are reshaping the future of transportation, with huge implications for the ecosystem and the world.

Ground delivery robots: Passing fancy or next wave?

“Every failed on demand startup will reappear as a successful robotics driven business in five to 10 years.” So tweeted Jeremy Conrad, founding partner of the San Francisco-based hardware fund Lem

Lockitron Releases 3rd Gen $99 Connected Door Lock, Aims To Improve Product Accessibility

If the connected home has struggled with anything over the past few years it’s accessibility. Ease of use has been improving rapidly but most internet-connected devices are still multiples more ex

Instagram’s Forthcoming Photo Messaging App Bolt Could Face Legal Trouble

The developer behind the mobile voice app Bolt is none too pleased with Instagram's decision to launch what appears to be a new mobile messaging app by the same name. Bolt, a new app from Instagram, i

Instagram’s “Bolt” Leak Could Be A New Facebook App Or An App Install Ad Test

Some Instagram users are reporting having briefly seen a banner advertisement within the Instagram application which pointed to a new app called “Bolt,” described as a “one tap phot

Grishin Robotics Invests In Boston-Based Incubator, Bolt

Grishin Robotics, a Russian VC group dedicated to the commercialization of robotics, has dropped an unnamed sum into <a target="_blank" href="">Bolt</a>, a hardware incubator

Move over camera phone…its projector phone time!

Logic Wireless (who?) is showing off what it’s claiming to be the world’s first projector-packing mobile phone – the Logic Bolt – at CES 2009.  This quad-band GSM, 3mp shootin

Bolt Joins The Deadpool

Video sharing site Bolt has filed for bankruptcy and ceased operations. The site has been on borrowed time since an acquisition by GoFish failed August 1. Bolt .com was sued by Universal Music in Octo

GoFish Dropping Bolt, Share Price, and Ad Rates

Amidst a falling share price GoFish has dropped its $30 million stock trade for The deal was also meant to help Bolt pay its settlement with several music labels, including Universal Music.

Bolt Sells to GoFish to Pay Universal Music Settlement

Video sharing site is being acquired by GoFish – a smaller but richer rival, in order to pay the settlement the company has agreed to with Universal Music Group for copyright infringeme

Universal Music files suit against Grouper,

On the day of the Google/YouTube acquisition, YouTube announced a licensing deal with Universal Music. Apparently, Grouper and didn’t get the memo. Universal Music has come out swinging