• Looks Like BoingBoing Got Hacked (NSFW)

    Something is definitely up at uber nerd site and “Directory of Wonderful Things” A trip to the front page brings up the charming image above, which seems to be some sort of vulgar message from someone called “the|one” to site editor Cory Doctorow. The hack also ingeniously incorporates the “Jesse Slaughter Dun Goofed” viral video. Read More

  • Offworld: BoingBoing's new gaming site shows promise, potential, a certain moxie

    BoingBoing just launched Offworld, a BB branded gaming site led by Brandon Boyer, former Gamasutra editor. The content so far is the typical mix of intelligence, wit, and piss/vinegar expected of any member of the BB family and I’m glad to invite them into my RSS reader in the cherished space next to and Read More

  • Profile: BoingBoing

    Company: BoingBoing Launched: January 21. 2000 (as a weblog) What is it? If you haven’t heard of BoingBoing, you are seriously behind in contemporary Internet culture. It is the number one most linked to blog according to Technorati (link), by a huge margin. It is a must-read every day here at Techcrunch. It is a self-described “directory of wonderful things”, and that it is. Read More