• NASA Partners With Boeing And SpaceX To Send Astronauts Up In Space Taxis

    NASA Partners With Boeing And SpaceX To Send Astronauts Up In Space Taxis

    NASA has announced a deal with SpaceX and Boeing to build space taxis to shuttle astronauts to the International Space Station. This deal will end NASA’s reliance on expensive Russian crew transport by 2017. The cost was a whopping $71 million per seat. However, the rising tensions in Ukraine may have also been a factor in the push for U.S. contracts. Read More

  • Boeing Black Secure Smartphone Hits The FCC, Aims To Be The Next BlackBerry

    Boeing Black Secure Smartphone Hits The FCC, Aims To Be The Next BlackBerry

    BlackBerry still enjoys a number of government smartphone contracts, but a new Android device forthcoming from Boeing might threaten that relationship. The aviation giant copped to development of a secure smartphone last year, but now the so-called “Boeing Black” has hit the FCC (via Myce), providing a little more background. Read More

  • Boeing To Release A Super-Secure Android Smartphone Later This Year

    Boeing To Release A Super-Secure Android Smartphone Later This Year

    As if producing commercial airliners, helicopters, and satellites didn’t keep Boeing busy enough, the company revealed earlier this week that they would soon be branching out into a slightly different market. National Defense Magazine reports that Boeing is currently working on an highly-secure Android-based smartphone of all things, and that it should see a release later this… Read More

  • Cleaner Flight: Virgin America's Efficient Engines, UOP Biofuels Go Transatlantic

    Air travel promises to become cleaner, if industry actions ahead of the huge, annual Paris Airshow are any indication. Virgin America— a company that’s been reporting on its own greenhouse gas emissions since 2009— ordered $1.4 billion worth of new, super fuel-efficient engines from CFM International the companies announced on Wednesday. The move should help keep energy… Read More

  • Fighter-Size Phantom Ray UAV Flies Into Your Nightmares

    This fighter-size UAV is called the Phantom Ray and may have played a part in the recent events in Pakistan. Designed around the Boeing X-45, this UAV recently flew to 7,500 feet at 204 mph and has been spotted making flights in Afghanistan as well as test flights at Edwards AFB. Read More

  • Boeing Patents Quiet Cabin Technology With Unconventional Design

    There hasn’t been a radical change in commercial jet design since the first De Havilland Comet flew in 1949. It has always been wing-on-tube in favor of the integrated wing/tube like the B-2 bomber.However, Boeing was recently granted some patents on a number of radical design changes that look to quiet the skies for both passengers and listeners on the ground, creating a different… Read More

  • Boeing 747-8: The Largest Airliner Boeing Has Ever Built

    A few days ago, we foretold of the Boeing event where they would release the new 747-8: Boeing’s largest airliner ever built. Well it happened, and Wired got some good pics at the event. The fly-by-wire plane still has to undergo further testing and log more flight hours. The fly-by-wire system is relatively new — earlier planes required mechanical linkage — and so a new… Read More

  • Boeing To Debut 747-8 Intercontinental This Weekend

    There’s nothing quite like flying; it amazes me that it used to take 30 years to travel from east coast to west. Now, after a magazine and a quick snooze, you’re on the other side of the country. The 747 is no doubt one of the most popular model numbers for commercial jets, and tomorrow Boeing is going to show off its newest version: the 747-8. Read More

  • Boeing gets in on the drone action with the hydrogen-powered Phantom Eye

    What’s with the ominous names for these things? You’ve got the Predator, the Taranis, the EATR, and now the Phantom Eye? I guess there’s a bit of psychological warfare going on there. You don’t want the enemy to look up and say “Maybe we shouldn’t… what if there’s a Model BAE-2455G up there somewhere?” So when Boeing unveiled their new… Read More

  • The Return Of The Blimp . . . As A Green Cargo Carrier

    It’s not news that cargo planes aren’t the greenest way to transport heavy loads, but some companies are working on other ways to send goods through the air. Could blimps make a comeback as a greener cargo carrier? Speaking to an audience at the World Forum on Enterprise and the Environment in Oxford, England, scientist David King recently predicted that helium-powered ships could… Read More

  • Boeing preparing to launch next-gen GPS satellites

    Good news for GPS users, Boeing is getting ready to launch the latest generation of GPS satellites, the “GPS IIF-1”. The new technology provides improved accuracy for military and civilian users, as well as being more resistant to jamming and an improved lifespan. Read More