2015 IPO Scorecard: How Box, Square, Fitbit And Others Stacked Up

2015 was not a good year for IPOs. In fact, it was the worst year for tech IPOs since the financial crisis in 2009, with more and more startups opting to remain private longer. Stock market swings st

9 Gifts For The Smartest Smart Home

Choose from 16 million shades of color, make¬†grandpa feel more secure by showing him who’s at the door when he’s not even there and get the house turnt with a rendition of Alvin and the C

Up Close With Biodigital’s 3D Human Simulator [TCTV]

If you missed the Bodies exhibition at your local science center, you may be in luck. Rather than see some hapless Chinese prisoners dissected and put on display, you can now view the human body in 3D