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Body Scanners That Don't Keep Pictures Apparently Keep Pictures

The crusading Joel Johnson of Gizmodo has published a set of images taken from a millimeter scanning system at a Florida Federal courthouse. These images were not supposed to exist yet they do and, wh

A first? Muslim woman refuses to submit to airport body scan, not allowed to board flight

<img src="" />It finally happened. A Muslim woman in Manchester refused to submit to a <a HREF="

Claim: Millimeter wave body scanners wouldn't have stopped Christmas plot. Why bother with them, then?

<img src="" />Not to alarm y'all, but those <a HREF="

Get ready for more of those TSA body scanners!

<img src="" />Oh, dear. The TSA will expand the use of those body scanners we've talked about <a HREF="

Outrage: Privacy group target airport body scanners

<img src="" />Man, people are pretty uncomfortable with their bodies. Remember those whole-body airport scanners? Well, “privacy advocate

No more embarrassment: Non-nude body scanner to undergo tests this week in Germany

Last week’s attacks in India have reminded us all of the keen danger that terrorism poses. But one tool that was to be employed at airports to combat terrorism, those body scanners that sometime

Body scanners that can see through clothing to be installed in 10 U.S. airports soon

Body scanners that can “see” underneath clothing will be installed in 10 of the country’s biggest airports within the next few weeks. Airline passengers in cities like New York, Los