Bobby Goodlatte

A Twitter slap fight goes wrong

Certain VCs who tweet a lot have grown a little vituperative of late, with some of the most powerful people in the industry lashing out in unprecedented ways. Two who spring to mind are Chris Dixon an

Bobby Goodlatte has designs on how to succeed in venture (and so far, so good)

Bobby Goodlatte has only been an investor for about a decade, but he appears to have already made tens of millions of dollars, contrary to the expectations of some traditional VCs who have privately,

Gowalla is being resurrected as an augmented reality social app

Gowalla is coming back. The startup, which longtime TechCrunch readers will likely recall, was an ambitious consumer social app that excited Silicon Valley investors but ultimately floundered in its q

Linear takes $4.2M led by Sequoia to build a better bug tracker and more

Software will eat the world, as the saying goes, but in doing so, some developers are likely to get a little indigestion. That is to say, building products requires working with disparate and distribu

Greylock Hires Former Facebook Product Designer Bobby Goodlatte As Investor And Designer-In-Residence

Greylock Partners is making a commitment to design, as it's hired former Facebook product designer and angel investor Bobby Goodlatte to join its consumer team in a hybrid role as associate and design