• Lifejackets-On With “Boat To Work” From Uber And Boatbound

    Lifejackets-On With “Boat To Work” From Uber And Boatbound

    Uber wants to prove it’s about redefining transportation, not just cars on demand. San Francisco’s BART metro workers almost went on strike Monday, so Uber partnered with Boatbound to offer commuters a “Boat To Work” option. This morning I’m testing out what could be a preview of Uber’s logistic network ambitions — an Uber boat ride from Oakland to… Read More

  • Boatbound Launches ‘Pier-To-Pier’ Boat Rental Marketplace

    Boatbound Launches ‘Pier-To-Pier’ Boat Rental Marketplace

    Today Boatbound, the Airbnb for boats, launches its service to help boat owners offset the cost of ownership and let more people experience the joys of the water. With over $1 million in funding led by Benjamin Ling and 500 Startups, Boatbound’s listings website lets pre-screened captains rent fully insured vessels across the country ranging from basic motorboats to sailboats to yachts. Read More

  • Introducing ‘Boatbound’, The Airbnb For Boats

    Introducing ‘Boatbound’, The Airbnb For Boats

    Average boat owners only use their vessel 14 days a year. That’s why Boatbound is brilliant. It’s a peer-to-peer boat-renting startup that lets you book everything from kayaks to catamarans to yachts for a day at a time with a $1 million Lloyd’s insurance plan. In his first interview about Boatbound, founder Aaron Hall lays out his plan to make boating more accessible… Read More