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  • Dick Costolo joins Maybe Capital — a new satirical board game about Valley VC

    Dick Costolo joins Maybe Capital — a new satirical board game about Valley VC

    As the TV show Silicon Valley has shown, the tech community there is ripe for satire. So it’s not surprising that the next “product” to be born into this satirical “vertical” is a board game where you must go through the sometimes tortuous process of raising money. Read More

  • Gift Guide: Favorite Board Games For All Ages

    Gift Guide: Favorite Board Games For All Ages

    Back in the olden days, before the kids had their smartphones and their Nintendo tapes and their Tivo, families used to get together in a room, open a paper box, and remove a set of boards and pieces. By following a set of rules, families could play these “board games” together and have loads of fun until the candles burned out and someone died of dysentery. Read More

  • There's A New Dystopian Monopoly On The Block, Parker Brothers Have Gone Mad

    How many of you were unsettled to see your favorite childhood game turn to debit cards? When Monopoly went electronic, it lost a substantial amount of fun, but at least there was still bargaining and negotiating to be had — the most fun part of the game. Well now, that’s all gone with a new version set to come out this fall. Read More

  • Board Game Night: Halo Risk, Donkey Kong Jenga, or Nintendo Monopoly?

    By now you’ve already heard about Nintendo Monopoly, but let’s add two more video game-themed board games to the list: Halo Risk ($40) and Donkey Kong Jenga ($25). Read More

  • Monopoly: Nintendo Edition

    In your face, parents all over the world. After pleading with your children to quit rotting their brains with non-stop video game playing, your suggestion of playing a board game instead has backfired on you with the Nintendo edition of Monopoly. Read More

  • Halo virtual board game – I'll stick to FF Tactics, thanks It’s a console version of a board game of a console version of a game originally meant for the PC, from guys who originally developed for the Mac. Will the circle be unbroken, lord, by and by? Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Settlers of Catan

    At the risk of losing some geek cred, I’ll tell you that I’ve never played Dungeons and Dragons, I’ve never finished a full (or even a half) game of Risk, and I’ve never been to any Sci-Fi conventions. As a child growing up on the mean streets of the suburbs of Minneapolis, I led a life devoid of the nerdly wonders that I’ve come to love in the last… Read More

  • The Futurist: Technology and Toys — Sometimes Low-Tech is High-Fun

    Back when our country was new, kids were given big wooden wheels and rolling sticks and expected to have a good time. More than likely, our little Ezekiels and Wilberforces probably had a ball rolling those wheels down the grassy hills. Of course, it goes without saying that if you gave a Wii-addicted kid such simple pleasures and they’d wonder where the USB hook-up was. Toys have come… Read More