SBMV: Sony says Blurays will look better but I don't see much of a difference

<img src="" /> Super Bit Mapping for Video (SBMV) is the new secret sauce Sony thinks will enhance the Bluray experience, allo

Samsung BD-U5000 dual format player delayed

Samsung’s attempt at hitting middle ground with the BD-U5000 –instead of siding with either HD-DVD or Blu-ray– has recently been delayed to December in the U.S, and early 2008 for Eu

Panasonic Announces Dual-Layer 4X Blu-ray Drive

You’ll soon be able to burn a 50GB Blu-ray disc in a little under a gigabyte per minute, according to Panasonic. This oughta bring everyone one step closer to realizing the true benefits (beside

Santa Rosa To Get HD DVD, Blu-ray Playback

According to Intel mobile graphics spokesperson Mike Choi, Intel will begin using a third-party hardware HD DVD and Blu-ray decoder in some versions of Santa Rosa. Using a separate decoder will enable