• SBMV: Sony says Blurays will look better but I don't see much of a difference

    Super Bit Mapping for Video (SBMV) is the new secret sauce Sony thinks will enhance the Bluray experience, allowing for superior color gradation quality. The company announced the first Bluray disc for the Japanese market today [JP] that makes use of the new technology. Read More

  • Samsung BD-U5000 dual format player delayed

    Samsung’s attempt at hitting middle ground with the BD-U5000 –instead of siding with either HD-DVD or Blu-ray– has recently been delayed to December in the U.S, and early 2008 for Europe. The claims aren’t confirmed as Samsung wouldn’t be too proud of missing the critical holiday shopping time-frame, but don’t hold your breath if you want this under your… Read More

  • Panasonic Announces Dual-Layer 4X Blu-ray Drive

    You’ll soon be able to burn a 50GB Blu-ray disc in a little under a gigabyte per minute, according to Panasonic. This oughta bring everyone one step closer to realizing the true benefits (besides hi-def movies) that the Blu-ray/HD DVD camps have been touting since the formats were originally announced — convenient, fast storage of large amounts of data. Panasonic today announced… Read More

  • Santa Rosa To Get HD DVD, Blu-ray Playback

    According to Intel mobile graphics spokesperson Mike Choi, Intel will begin using a third-party hardware HD DVD and Blu-ray decoder in some versions of Santa Rosa. Using a separate decoder will enable machines with cheaper integrated graphics to play high-definition media, while allowing Vista’s Aero interface to run smoothly and keep costs down. This will hopefully let more consumers… Read More