Blumberg Capital

Blumberg Capital closes $200 million fund

Blumberg Capital is announcing the close of its fourth fund. The team will be managing $200 million, an increase from the $150 million in the prior fund. Blumberg plans to use the money to invest raises $7M Series A for its data analytics and warehousing platform, a startup that wants to make setting up a data warehousing and analytics infrastructure as easy as spinning up an AWS server, today announced that it has raised a $7 million Series A round

Kreditech Nabs $92M To Build Financial Services For The ‘Underbanked’

Another startup out of Europe focused on finance has raised a hefty round of funding. Kreditech, a German company building a suite of credit and banking products for consumers who have little or no cr

CoverHound Raises $33.3M, Expands To Insurance Comparisons For Businesses

CoverHound, a site that lets people search for, compare and buy auto and property insurance both through its own site and Google’s insurance search, is today announcing that it has raised a fur Raises $1.3M Seed Round For Its Data Warehousing Platform, a new data warehousing platform that recently launched its private beta, today announced that it has raised a $1.3 million seed round from the likes of Blumberg Capital, 500 Startups, and

Fundbox Secures $50 Million More To Power Small Businesses

Less than six months after announcing a $40 million Series B investment, alternative lending startup Fundbox has closed on another $50 million in funding to provide small businesses with the immediate

On-demand Alcohol Delivery Startup Saucey Drinks To $4.5 Million In Seed Funding

Los Angeles-based on-demand alcohol startup Saucey has delivered good times in a bottle since 2013 but held off raising VC funding till now. The service just pulled in $4.5 million in seed money to

Zeek Lets You Buy And Sell Unwanted Gift Vouchers

If you've ever received a gift voucher for a store you rarely or never shop in, then <a target="_blank" href="">Zeek</a> could prove useful. The marketplace and mobile app lets you

Fundbox Raises $40 Million To Pay Invoices On Demand

Fundbox, a company that loans businesses money for outstanding invoice payments, has raised $40 million to grow its own business in the trillion-dollar alternative lending market. The Series B roun

FeeX Raises $3 Million To Help You Avoid Paying Hidden Retirement Fees

FeeX, which helps users save on hidden retirement fees, has raised $3 million in Series A funding from Blumberg Capital. Co-founded by Uri Levine from Google-acquired Waze, the startup aims to raise a

Kreditech, The Big Data-Driven Credit Scoring Service, Raises Further $4M From Blumberg Capital, Others

Explicitly or implicitly, users are generating an insurmountable amount of data online, hence the plethora of startups touting their <a href="

With Google’s Former Identity Director As CTO And $2M In New Funding, Trulioo Launches Fake Facebook Profile Detector

Identity verification startup <a target="_blank" href="">Trulioo</a> is launching its first product today — <a target="_blank" href="

Dave McClure And Blumberg Capital Drop $1 Million Into mygola For Easy, Personalized Travel Planning

India and U.S.-based <a href="">mygola</a> is <a href="">announcing today</a> that it has received $1 million in seed funding from <a href="http://www.