• BlueTunes Finds A Savior In Online Storage Provider MiMedia

    Earlier this month, I reported on the imminent shutdown of BlueTunes, which provided a solution to upload locally stored music to the cloud. Turns out someone sorta kinda threw BlueTunes a lifeline right before it hit the deadpool. Online storage startup MiMedia has reached an agreement with BlueTunes for its users to become subscribers of its online music storage offering, and more. Read More

  • Your Music In The Cloud No More – blueTunes Keels Over, Dies

    It took a bit longer than we thought, but the inevitable has happened: blueTunes is calling it quits. A message posted on the website reads: We have decided to pursue other opportunities and will be shutting down our service on January 31, 2011. Read More

  • blueTunes: Music In The Cloud Comes To Your Desktop

    blueTunes, a streaming music site that lets you stream your music library from the cloud to any computer, is launching a new desktop app tonight that looks to make the service an even more compelling alternative to other online music sites and possibly even iTunes. For those who aren’t familiar with the service, blueTunes lets you scan your hard drive for music files and upload them to… Read More

  • Oh Boy, BlueTunes, This Looks Like Trouble To Me

    I’m listening to Best Of David Bowie as I type this. No, I’m not streaming it for free on MySpace Music. Instead, I’ve uploaded the album, which I own, to new music site called BlueTunes. The new service, which launches today, is trying to avoid paying streaming music fees to labels because users are uploading and then playing their own music. If this sounds familiar… Read More