Bluetooth 4.0

Pilot Project Begins To Replace Your Hotel Key With Your Smartphone Using Bluetooth

Soon enough you’ll be able to walk into a hotel, straight past the front desk and have your door open automatically for you without any extra effort required, thanks to a new pilot project by St

How Bluetooth LE And Crowdfunding Are Accelerating The Connected Hardware Boom

It’s one trend that’s been hard to miss, being mostly clipped and/or strapped in plain sight. To spell it out, hardware startups – and the devices they’re making -- are having a moment, thanks

Protag Elite Is A Rechargeable Bluetooth Card That Keeps Tabs On Your Valuables

After Tile raised $2.6M in its crowdfunding campaign for a Bluetooth 4.0-powered tagging tech for tracking valuable items, it was only a matter of time before others jumped aboard the bandwagon. Now t

Fitbit’s Updated Android App Packs Wireless Sync Support For Samsung’s Galaxy S III and Note II

Nike may not be planning to release an Android companion app for its <a href="">activity-tracking FuelBand</a>, but rival Fitbit is eager to make sure t