• Mobio Releasing Recipes Application, Makes Grocery Shopping A Breeze

    GetMobio is a cellphone based application platform that brings a lot of advanced applications to non-smart phones. They’ve been releasing a steady stream of new applications since launching earlier this year. They have applications for movies, trivia, cheap gas, and more. Now they’re releasing a recipe app that makes it easy for those not blessed with an iPhone to find meals while… Read More

  • Mobio Mobile Mashups Go Beta

    Mobio, which we’ve covered previously, is launching the public beta of its mobile application platform today. They’re pitching themselves as a “lifestyle platform” to consumers, where you can access all kinds of data on the go, such as restaurants, weather, and flight schedules. However, to developers, Mobio is a mashup platform, enabling developers to weave together… Read More

  • Bluepulse 2.0 Does Not Disappoint

    Mobile phone application company bluepulse released version 2.0 today to rave reviews on our sister site, MobileCrunch. Blogger Oliver Starr could not say enough about the new platform. “I’ve seen quite a number of mobile applications in the last twelve months and many have been very comprehensive but I do not believe that I’ve seen a single platform that had as many… Read More

  • Bluepulse called "Meebo for your phone"

    People are calling Australia-based BluePulse the “meebo of cell phones” and they may be right – although it is also a platform that allows developers to build phone access to just about any internet application as well. The engine behind Bluepulse is platform and tool set they have created called the OADP which claims to “allows developers to develop mobile… Read More