• BlueAnt S4 Speakerphone: Speak to Me

    BlueAnt Wireless just released its new hands-free speakerphone, the S4. It attaches to any car visor and connects wirelessly to most Bluetooth handsets. Simply turn it on and go. Reading the manual is not required; the S4 will vocally guide you through setup. Once paired with your handset, you can use the hands-free device without ever having to take your phone out of your pocket. The S4 offers… Read More

  • BlueAnt outs the rugged T1 Bluetooth headset

    Bluetooth headsets generally take a good amount of abuse. They are after all thrown in pockets with keys, tossed in bags , thrown on desks, and suffer countless other forms of stress over their lifetime. Thankfully most are priced as throwaway items. However, the just-announced BlueAnt T1 isn’t a normal headset. This little guy seems like one tough bastard. Read More

  • BlueAnt releases a Bluetooth headset for motorcycle riders

    Bluetooth headsets are great in a car but even more awesome on a motorcycle. It’s not like you can use your phone while cruising down the road on a bike. You might drop the phone and no one wants that. BlueAnt is the latest company to release a system that fully utilizes all the capabilities of Bluetooth for motorcycle riders. Read More

  • BlueAnt updates the Q1 headset for A2DP streaming audio support

    BlueAnt Q1 owners take note, your headset can now stream audio via the A2DP protocol as long as you update the firmware. Apparently the ability was added after a bunch of customers requested the function. But I’ve found it’s one of those functions that sounds great, but is actually a novelty and is somewhat lame. Read More

  • BlueAnt finally announces V1 availability

    BlueAnt has been showing of this headset since CES ’08 but they are finally make the first Bluetooth 2.1 headset available.┬áThe V1 key feature, besides the small size, is that users can control their headset via voice commands. We’re not just talking phone controls like dial John Biggs, but rather pairing and volume control as well. Best of all, there is a ‘Teach Me”… Read More

  • BlueAnt: SuperToof

    BlueAnt has a few hot devices out this CTIA. The first is the Supertooth Light, a $99 car system with mini microphone and comparatively easy set up. The Supertooth mounts to your sun visor and lasts 15 hours of talk time or 800 hours of standby, which means it can hang out up there until the next presidential administration. Read More

  • BlueAnt Supertooth Light Bluetooth Speakerphone

    Though BlueAnt is calling this a speakerphone, it’s just a full-duplex, high-performance speaker. Well, not just a full-duplex, high-performance speaker of course, but the Supertooth Light is for hands-free use of your Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices (up to five can be simultaneously paired with the unit). The $99 Supertooth Light features Clear Voice Capture and Digital Signal… Read More

  • BlueAnt Wireless Realizes People Like Color, Adds to Bluetooth Headsets

    I like the BlueAnt X3 Bluetooth headset: It’s small, lightweight, connects to three devices at the same time including your Windows or Mac PC for VoIP calls, and it’s reasonably priced at $69. And now, I can add “comes in six colors” to my list of likes. Just in time for the holiday season you’ll be able to pick up an X3 in black, cool white, hot pink, gold… Read More