blue track

  • Microsoft announces BlueTrack mice

    Microsoft has been teasing us for a couple of weeks now about a plan to rid its product line of laser mice, but the company picked a weird day to do so; with all the Apple announcements and such. The new mice employs some sort of blue beam magic, along with some special optics to allow better service tracking on different types of services.  Microsoft speak: The large, blue beam and… Read More

  • New Microsoft Blue Track Mouse spotted on Amazon?

    Microsoft might just have a little surprise up their sleeve. First, Redmond teases, and entices, us on their hardware website with an upcoming announcement message. “9.9.08 – Say Goodbye to Lasers.” All right, oh creator of the first laser mouse, what are we going to say “Hello” to then. Then these images were spotted on Germany’s Amazon site showing a… Read More