Blue Origin

Ahead of testing, Blue Origin raises New Glenn on the launch pad for first time

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin raised a test version of its massive orbital rocket on its launch pad for the first time Wednesday, inaugurating the start of a major test campaign ahead of the first launch

Ex-Blue Origin leaders’ secretive lunar startup Interlune has moonshot mining plans

Interlune, a stealth startup headed by ex-Blue Origin executives, is focused on mining the moon for a rare isotope of helium that could be used to scale quantum computing and eventually even fusion po

Ex-Blue Origin leaders want to mine the moon

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Secretive moon startup led by ex-Blue Origin leaders raises new tranche of funding

A stealth startup led by ex-Blue Origin leaders, focused on harvesting resources from the moon, has quietly closed a sizable new tranche of funding, according to regulatory documents. Interlune, a sta

Successful failure: Sierra Space’s inflatable habitat blows up as planned

Sierra Space has completed a key test of its inflatable space habitat, as the company progresses toward launching and operating a private space station with Blue Origin before the end of the decade. T

What we’re looking forward to seeing from the space industry in 2024

It was a jaw-dropping year for the space industry, and while we all know by now that progress isn’t linear, we feel pretty confident that 2024 will be even more astonishing. This year was tough for

Blue Origin’s New Shepard makes triumphant return flight

Blue Origin’s New Shepard is officially back in action, with the company today successfully launching the suborbital rocket for the first time in more than 15 months. The rocket lifted off from Blue

Bezos’ Blue Origin aiming to make long-awaited return to launch next week

Blue Origin is aiming to finally conclude a more than 15-month pause in operations of its New Shepard suborbital rocket, with the company announcing today that it will fly an uncrewed mission as early

Commercial companies to collaborate for DARPA’s new lunar economy study

Establishing commercial markets on the moon is going to require thinking a little differently. That’s DARPA’s hunch, anyway. DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is the U.S. Departmen

Former Blue Origin rocket engine manager alleges wrongful termination for whistleblowing on safety

The former program manager of Blue Origin’s BE-4 rocket engines has filed a lawsuit against the company alleging whistleblower retaliation after he spoke up about safety issues. The complaint was fi

ULA aims to launch Astrobotic lunar lander on Christmas Eve

Pittsburgh-based Astrobotic’s first lunar lander is set to take off on United Launch Alliance’s new Vulcan Centaur rocket on Christmas Eve, ULA CEO Tory Bruno said. Bruno told the audience at the

Three leading space companies agree: No new regulations on human spaceflight

Three leading space companies told Congress this week that the industry needs time to mature before federal regulators introduce new safety guidelines for human spaceflight — but that existing r

Regulators close investigation into Blue Origin’s New Shepard anomaly

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has closed the investigation into a mishap that occurred last September during a launch of Blue Origin’s New Shepard vehicle, with the regulator saying that

Amazon’s outgoing Echo head is Blue Origin’s new CEO

Blue Origin CEO Bob Smith is retiring at the end of the year and his replacement is coming from Jeff Bezos’ other company. Dave Limp, an Amazon veteran who had planned to step down from his role

Lawsuit alleges no due diligence in Amazon’s Project Kuiper launch contracts to Blue Origin, ULA

An institutional investor is suing Amazon and its board, including founder and executive chairman Jeff Bezos, over hefty launch contracts they awarded to Bezos’ space company, Blue Origin. The suit,

Blue Origin, Astrobotic, Varda Space and others win NASA funding to develop advanced space tech

NASA awarded new funding to 11 companies today for advanced space tech projects ranging from advanced power generation on the lunar surface to additive manufacturing for space habitats. The awards, wh

Amazon is building a $120M facility in Florida for Project Kuiper satellite processing

Amazon will spend $120 million on a new satellite processing facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (KSC), as the company gears up to launch the first batch of Project Kuiper prototype satellites i

Blue Origin eyes international expansion

Jeff Bezos’ space company Blue Origin is looking to expand into international markets, with the company in the early stages of eyeing up a launch site outside of the United States, CEO Bob Smith sai

NASA hits up 7 space companies to take on orbital squad goals

NASA has announced Space Act agreements with seven private space companies in the hopes of spurring tech developments the government may invest in down the line, from space stations to human transport

Blue Origin releases report on launch anomaly and plans to fly again ‘soon’

It’s been nearly six months since Blue Origin’s 23rd suborbital launch experienced an anomaly, and the company has finally released the results of its investigation. The good news is the e
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