• Paramount jumping HD DVD ship, says Sony

    We’ll take this with a huge truck load of salt. Sony’s product manager of the home video business group, Rachel Banin, is claiming that Paramount will eventually find itself in bed with Blu-ray. Banin, of course, pulls out a few statistics during the interview to prove BD-R’s superiority like BD-R outsells HD DVD 4:1, but I’m not drinking the kool aid, Rachel. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Samsung BD-P1400 1080p Blu-ray player is CHEAPer [Update]

    Watch out, Toshiba and HD DVD. Samsung’s 1080p Blu-ray player is incredibly cheap at just $300 $270 from Amazon. The BD-P1400 features HDMI v1.3 and Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby TrueHD. 1080p and 24Hz output ensure you get the finest quality picture and DVDs are upconverted to 1080p. You also get five free Blu-ray discs. Amazon Read More

  • Panasonic HDTVs + Panasonic Blu-ray players = Hot holiday bundles

    If you’re in the market for some serious home theater action, Panasonic, of all companies, has just announced a bundle worth looking into. Starting next week, retailers will be selling Panasonic plasma HDTVs bundled with Panasonic Blu-ray players at a discounted cost. If you’re in the Blu-ray camp, this might be the time to take the plunge. Of course, if you’re not married… Read More

  • $999 LG BF200 would swing both ways if Blu-Ray and HD DVD were sexual orientations

    The format war is over, kids. It’s going to be a Blu-Ray/HD DVD world whether we like it or not and getting one or the other right now is probably a bad idea. Witness the BF200 from LG, arriving now for $999. Here’s my take: While pure play devices might pop up in consoles — as they have — and some low-cost devices — as they have — these are basically a way… Read More

  • PS3 to get Blu-Ray update for picture-in-picture

    Sony’s console will be getting its Blu-ray firmware updated to version 1.1 later this month, allowing for picture-in-picture functionality and support for discs which require it. I don’t think anyone was clamoring for this just yet, seeing as there is only one disc, the German Neues vom Wixxer, which takes advantage of the 1.1 features. It’s intended to allow for a video… Read More

  • Samsung dual player still dropping this month, even cheaper

    There’s a lot of confusion going around about Samsung’s dual player, BD-UP5000, and when it may actually hit retailers. Amazon says it won’t be here till next month, but Samsung is on record saying the player is shipping now and that we’ll see it before the end of the year. Well, you better get a move on, Samsung. The gift giving day is fast approaching and people… Read More

  • Director Michael Bay says HD DVD/Blu-ray war (and market confusion) encouraged by Microsoft

    A scam, apparently What does Transformers (and Pearl Harbor…) director Michael Bay think about the HD DVD/Blu-ray format war? Oh, you know, that it’s all Microsoft’s doing: Microsoft wants both formats to fail so they can be heroes and make the world move to digital downloads…. That is the dirty secret no one is talking about. That is why Microsoft is handing out… Read More

  • Format wars: Come together or die

    As I’ve said before, the so-called format war won’t be coming to an end anytime this year or next. It’s not really even a war amongst the two formats. Each camp must convince the consumers to upgrade their old tubes to HD before the war can even begin. So what we have here is the Chinese finger trap. Now, we all know the only way to get out of said trap is to come together or… Read More

  • Canon takes the hassle out of burning Blu-ray discs

    Not that a lot of people even get the chance to have that hassle, but Canon’s always been a forward-looking company. These camera-to-disc recorders are nothing new; it’s been a way for mom and pop to put their DV footage onto DVDs for years, but this sucker is next generation. It takes regular MPEG-2 SD footage like the rest of ’em, but now it also takes HD in the form of… Read More

  • Vudu snubs discs as new format war is Bourne

    Video-on-demand hustlers VUDU are taking the high road in the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray battle. Opting to skip discs altogether, they’ve pre-loaded the first two Bourne movies in HD onto every new VUDU being bought, and they’re beaming it out, if you want it and already own their contraption. And they’re offering the final installment of the uber-spy’s thrillogy for the low… Read More

  • Hybrid HD DVD/Blu-ray discs dead in the water

    Looks like we won’t be seeing Warner Home Entertainment’s hybrid HD DVD/Blu-ray discs after all. The company recently reported that it’s pulling the plug on the project that would have offered consumers movies under the Total HD moniker, simply meaning an HD DVD version on one side of the disc, Blu-ray on the other. To date, Warner is the only major studio that … Read More

  • Sony drops PS3 price by $100, sales double

    Funny how economics works, huh? Sony’s lackluster PlayStation 3 sales more than doubled recently thanks to the introduction of the new 40GB model and a $100 price cut on the 80GB model. Sony CEO Howard Stringer said, "It’s the breakthrough we’ve been anticipating. We’ve been holding our breath." Hardly a breakthrough when seen in simple economic terms. Read More

  • 'Make Digital Easy' author says HD DVD is 'better product'

    Yet another “HD DVD wins, Blu-ray stinks” article made the rounds this weekend, only it’s from a guy whose opinion actually means something (I think). Don Lindich, whose “Digital Made Easy” books—I don’t know—make digital easy, says HD DVD is the better value right now. An abundance of cheap players, increased studio support, Wal-Mart support… Read More

  • Sony brass thinks Blu-ray vs HD DVD is a 'stalemate'

    Howard Stringer (Sony Corp. CEO) says that Blu-ray and HD DVD are in a stalemate. He has to say that, though. I’ve stayed out of the debate since it started because, as a consumer, I don’t care who wins. I care about how much it’s going to cost me versus how much benefit I’ll get out of it. As it stands right now, I wouldn’t buy a Blu-ray player for $450 when… Read More

  • HD fanboys go too far, shut down AVS Forum

    The format war is alive and well over at the AV forum. So alive that the moderators have had to shut down further posting in the HD area till the end of the week. I guess the fanboys on both sides couldn’t keep their cool. AVS Forum Read More

  • HD DVD invades 90k+ homes over the weekend

    Remember the Toshiba HD-A2 player that was going for $99? Yeah, well, it sold over 90,000 units over the weekend. Crazy, huh? That comes close to Sony’s Blu-ray player, the BDP-S300, which retails for $499 and has shipped around 100k since its debut in the summer. Figures are expected to be higher for Toshiba because not all retailers have reported back. Not too shabby, guys. Have… Read More

  • Sony to go *hog wild* for 40GB PS3 launch

    Sony releases the 40GB PS3 tomorrow. Who cares, right? Well Sony is poised to spend an insane amount of money getting the word out, with a marketing vice president calling it the “largest ever” hardware branding in SCEA’s history. Unlike last year’s, shall we say, underwhelming PS3 launch, where Sony trumpeted raw power over “fun,” this time around Sony… Read More

  • LG BH200 combo HD DVD / Blu-ray player will be expensive

    Currently, Circuit City is listing LG’s much-anticipated BH200 combination Blu-ray / HD DVD / DVD player for $799.99. That’s an expensive player with a price reminiscent of the first HD DVD and Blu-ray players to hit the market. Sure, it can do 1080p, DVD upscaling and play both formats, but with Toshiba’s A2 HD DVD player going for $198 at Wal-Mart and the PS3 going for $399… Read More

  • Big Hollywood studios to let indies decide Hi-Def disc winner

    One snake is Blu-ray, the other is HD DVD The big movie studios would love nothing more than to have the Blu-ray HD DVD war over and done with already. But to my untrained eye, we seem to be in a bit of a holding pattern as far as declaring a winner is concerned. So let the dirty, dirty indies do it. A short piece on Variety explains how indie movie studios, strapped for cash, are only able… Read More

  • Upgrade your car with in-dash Blu-ray

    Is it really a surprise that a big Japanese electronics manufacturer like Panasonic decided to make an in-dash Blu-ray player for automobiles? Didn’t think so. This unit was shown off at the Tokyo Motor Show in Japan this week and as expected, it can do Blu-ray playback with HD output ala HDMI. You can add surround sound to the mix too if you want to really bling out your… Read More