• Toshiba introduces new marketing strategy for HD DVD

    Now that Paramount has assured us that they’re not abandoning HD DVD, Toshiba has announced a new marketing strategy for the HD format. Players are going to get cheaper, which is already evident from today’s previous coverage. On top of lower prices for players, the entry-model HD-A3 will be $149.99, the HD-A30, with 1080p output, $199.99, and the high-end HD-A35, $299.99, will be… Read More

  • Porn industry turns its sexy back on HD DVD format

    The pornography industry, ever-delivering the deciding blow (pun intended) in video format wars, looks to be jumping mid-race from one pony to another. See first the industry picked the HD DVD pony. Then that pony stumbled and has currently commenced its falling-down sequence, so Porn jumped onto the Blu-ray pony as it was passing the HD DVD pony, which it started to do a couple of weeks… Read More

  • False Alarm: Paramount not dumping HD DVD

    “Paramount’s current plan is to continue to support the HD DVD format,” Brenda Ciccone, a spokeswoman for Paramount. Paramount Denies Report It Will Drop Toshiba’s HD DVD (Update2) [Bloomberg] Read More

  • Early adopters always get screwed, watch out Blu-ray 1.0 owners

    The Blu-ray camp can boast that their technology is superior, but HD DVD started off with local storage and a second video and audio decoder for PIP, which Blu-ray does not have. BD-R wanted to cut costs, but the last time I checked, HD DVD players were still much, much cheaper. What’s going to suck for BD-R owners is that when Profile 2.0 is released, those with Profile 1.0 or 1.1… Read More

  • Universal, Paramount prepared to drop HD DVD support

    [photopress:vhddvd.jpg,full,center] HD DVD? What’s that? Universal has ended its HD DVD exclusivity arrangement and Paramount’s HD DVD contract has an escape clause. Should Paramount exercise that clause, and there’s no reason not to at this point, Blu-ray would have thoroughly won this silly “format war.” Now we can get back to the important business of arguing… Read More

  • Microsoft says HD DVD not important to Xbox 360's success, not concerned with Blu-ray's 'win'

    Photo via this woman’s Flickr account. Thanks, person! While Sony and its PS3 may benefit from Warner’s decision to support Blu-ray, Microsoft doesn’t think its HD DVD-playing Xbox 360 will take any significant hit. A Microsoft marketing manager said he doesn’t “think… this has a significant impact on Xbox 360… Read More

  • CES 2008: Microsoft, Toshiba: We are sorry for your loss

    Is there a doctor in the house? Can we declare HD-DVD officially dead now? I just walked by both the HD-DVD booth and the Blu-Ray booth on my way up to the Blounge (Blogger’s Lounge), and snapped these two shots. [photopress:hddvd.jpg,full,center]
    [photopress:bluray.jpg,full,center] In short, the HD-DVD booth felt like I was at my grandparents’ funeral, while the Blu-Ray camp felt… Read More

  • Why Warner's Blu-ray decision hurts pirates, regular consumers

    Thanks, AP Warner’s decision to exclusively back Blu-ray definitely hurts pirates and could, in the long run, hurt regular consumers, too. By all indications, right now, Blu-ray has the momentum to “win” the format war, especially if the reports suggesting Paramount will switch to it turn out to be true. That would… Read More

  • Rumor: Paramount set to jump ship, HD DVD all but dead

    HD DVD’s booth at CES was a sad, sad sight to see. You could tell by the demeanor of everyone working the booth. They knew. Blu-ray’s booth was less than 20 yards away and they were rocking out and people were milling around trying to watch demos, take pictures with Captain Jack Sparrow and the Spartans from 300. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in HD DVD’s camp, but how… Read More

  • Philips Fleshes Out Blu-ray Player Line

    Product Name: Philips BDP7200
    Description: Philips’ latest Blu-ray disc player is the company’s first to incorporate BonusView and BD-Java, which gives you access to some fancy schmancy movie features and interactivity. The rest of the specs include 1080p upscaling and picture in picture.
    Price: $349
    In-store date: April 2008
    Why it’s cool… Read More

  • CES 2008: Samsung BD-UP5500 combo Blu-ray+HD DVD player adds Blu-ray Bonus View compatibility

    [photopress:BD_UP5500__1.jpg,full,center] Product Name: Samsung BD-UP5500
    Description: A combination Blu-ray+HD DVD player that fully works with both formats
    Price: TBA
    In-store date: Second-half 2008
    Site: Samsung Blu-ray
    Why it’s cool: Because it plays both high-def disc formats, hopefully leading to less confusion on the consumer’s part. It’s fully compatible with the… Read More

  • HD DVD responds, oh snap!

    The companies of the HD DVD Promotional Group today issued a statement in response to the decision by Warner Home Video to exclusively back the Blu-ray format: While Warner’s decision is a setback for HD DVD, the consumer has benefited from HD DVD’s commitment to quality and affordability – a bar that is critical for the mainstream success of any format. We believe… Read More

  • Breaking: Warner Bros. jumps ship, Blu-ray all the way

    I am in utter shock right now. Warner Bros. just dropped a bomb. And that bomb is that they’ve given up on HD DVD. Is the format war over? This won’t go into effect until later this year, but this has to be the end, right? Anyone want to buy an HD DVD player and a boat load of movies? Heh. Seriously. Not really. Well, maybe. Read More

  • Rumor: Macs to ship with Blu-ray support

    Macworld 2008 is shaping up to be the hottest ticket this month. Quite possibly rivaling CES for press coverage. Why? Besides the announcement of a sub-notebook and/or multi-touch notebook, iTunes movie rentals, and HD video editing software we may see a shift in the format wars. Apple has remained quiet on the subject in terms of hardware by not picking one side of the other to support, though… Read More

  • LG releases new Blu-ray disc types

    This movie had better not make it to Blu-ray. Want something that will warm the cockles of your heart like a class of benzene spiked egg nog? How about new Blu-ray disk types! LG released BD-RE and BD-R types for you and your’n this holiday season, just in time for the entire next-gen format war to implode under the weight of its own hype. LG unveils new Blu-Ray discs Read More

  • In the age of big screen plasmas, do you still go to the movie theaters?

    Who bothers going to the movie theaters anymore in the age of 60-inch plasmas and Dolby TrueHD? I ask because Peter and I just had a brief to-do in the chat room: I saw the “I am Legend” DVD screener last night (if you’re reading CrunchGear, I assume you know where to find it), which shocked Mr. Ha. Wouldn’t you rather see it in the theater?, he asked. No. No I would not. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Buy one HD DVD/Blu-ray, get one free at Best Buy

    It seems that a few of you have made the switch to HD or will be in a matter of days so you may want to hop on over to Best Buy and slowly build that collection of HD movies to go along with said HDTV and HD player. Both lists are rather impressive, but I may have to tip my hat to HD DVD because of Transformers, though I have a thing for vampire movies and Kate Beckinsale is not unattractive… Read More

  • PS3 update to support DivX too

    The PS3 update we talked about a couple weeks ago is on its way and should be arriving in your big black box as soon as tomorrow. The readme describes the update as being released December 18th, and not only will it update the Blu-Ray firmware to v1.1, but it will add DivX and WMV support. I don’t think that means support for the cooler XviD and H.264 codecs/containers is forthcoming… Read More

  • HD DVD slips into Blu-ray box set of Harry Potter

    Good job, Warner Brothers. You certainly made my day. According to reports floating around the Web, the limited edition Blu-ray collection of the first five movies in the Harry Potter saga includes an HD DVD version of The Goblet of Fire. It really is a limited edition now isn’t it? Heh. No word on whether WB will be issuing replacements or sending out discs, but some consumers have… Read More