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Mitsubishi Shows All-In-One LCD TV With HDD And Blu-Ray Recorder

<img src="" /> TVs with integrated HDDs and Blu-recorders are nothing new anymore, but <a href="

Sharp Announces AQUOS 3D Blu-ray Recorders With Built-in HDDs, Wi-Fi, BD-RE XL Support

<img src="" /> Sharp Japan <a href="">announced</a> [JP] the BD-HDW series

Toshiba D-BW500: Blu-ray/DVD/VHS recorder And 320GB HDD Rolled Into One

<img src="" /> Some companies simply don't forget about VHS: Toshiba Japan <a href="

57% Of Blu-ray Recorders, 23% Of Large-Screen TVs Sold In Japan Are Now 3D

<img src="" /> Japan is probably one of the markets with the highest penetration of <a href="">

DMR-BR30: Panasonic's Blu-Ray Recorder With Swappable HDD

<img src="" /> Blu-ray recorders with integrated HDDs aren't really new, but what the DMR-BR30, <a href="

Sony Announces Three 3D TVs With Built-In Blu-Ray Recorder And HDD

<img src="" /> Mitsubishi showed them <a href="

Panasonic's new VIERAs boast built-in Skype support, HDDs and Blu-ray recorders

<img src="" /> Panasonic <a href="">announced</a> [