blu-ray players

  • Sharp Releases Three New Blu-ray Players

    Sharp plans to release three new Blu-ray players this month starting at $249. All players will be 3D and WiFi ready (BD-HP25U with optional wireless dongle), and will support Netflix, YouTube, VUDU, and Pandora. Also, video playback streamed from home DLNA servers. The two higher models, the BD-HP75U and BD-HP35U feature IP control to take advantage of mobile apps. Read More

  • Sony's newest Blu-ray player: surprisingly feature-rich for the price

    When people ask me what Blu-ray player they should buy, I usually defer, since I don’t own one. But if pressed, I’ll say a PS3. Why not? But now, it’s clear that even real-brand players are both affordable and capable. Sony’s new BDP-N460, announced today at CEDIA, provides what were once luxuries at what is not quite a bargain price, but at least is very reasonable. Read More

  • ABI says consumers giving Blu-ray players the shifty eye

    In its latest report, ABI Research said that consumers were reluctant to commit to Blu-ray players, saying they just weren’t sure they could settle down right now. Over half of the 1000 survey respondents said they had “other priorities” than buying a Blu-ray player, of the 23% that said they were pretty likely to go Blu-ray, but needed more time, like maybe a year. ABI… Read More